With HoaBinh Airlines find out what's special about domestic airlines' meals

On long-haul flights and at mealtimes, passengers will be served main meals or snacks with menus depending on the airline. So what kind of meals will each airline have on flights? Let's explore it with HoaBinh Airlines right away!

Meals of domestic airlines: Menus, regulations, and costs

1. Vietnam Airlines meals

Vietnam Airlines serves free meals to passengers when participating in domestic and international flights. For domestic flights, passengers are served meals when using economy-class tickets with a flight time of 2 hours or more. Some typical routes include Ho Chi Minh City-Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City-Hai Phong, Hanoi-Phu Quoc, and vice versa.

In what cases are guests served main meals? That is, if the flight time is during lunch or dinner time. Selected dishes include fish rice, pork noodles, fruit, or dessert... If flying at other times (morning or afternoon), passengers are often served burgers or patties. and tea, roasted peanuts... When traveling on shorter routes, visitors only receive 1 bottle of mineral water and wet towels per person during the journey.


  • Flights that are too short, for example, Ho Chi Minh City-Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City-Phnom Penh, with a flight time of about 45 minutes, do not serve this meal.
  • On the Vietnam-Malaysia flight, Vietnam's national airline also serves dishes suitable for Muslims for passengers in need.
  • On long flights to Europe and Australia, the airline serves a menu including two hot meals and one snack, such as instant noodles, between the two meals if the passenger requests.
  • Passengers need to order special meals 24 hours before departure time.

2. Meal regulations of domestic airlines: Vietjet Air

Unlike Vietnam Airlines, passengers using the services of the low-cost airline Vietjet Air are not served free meals. However, visitors can absolutely request services. Vietjet Air's food and drink menu is quite diverse, ready to bring visitors delicious meals with about nine hot sauce dishes and 20 instant dishes.

Main meals cost about 50,000 VND, serving dishes such as stir-fried vermicelli with crab, banh chung with cotton, mixed fried rice, spaghetti, etc., served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A combo with an extra drink costs about 65,000 VND. Instant dishes such as instant noodles, instant pho, etc. cost 30,000 VND per serving.

In meals of domestic airlines on international flights, here is Vietnam Airlines, passengers are served similar to the main meal of domestic flights with the choice of rice or noodles, fruit, or dessert tea. There are also bagels and sugary butter.

  • Hot meal:

Meals on some typical flights:

  • Chu Lai - Ho Chi Minh: stir-fried vermicelli.
  • Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh: salty sticky rice and bottled water.
  • Ho Chi Minh - Kuala Lumpur: chung cake with cotton floss or steamed sticky rice with cha lua. In addition, there are a number of other dishes to choose from, such as Malaysian coconut rice, Thai fried rice, stir-fried vermicelli with crab, etc.

Travelers should order food 36 hours before departure time, except for flights lasting less than 1 hour. For example: Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot; Ho Chi Minh - Quy Nhon; Ho Chi Minh - Phu Quoc, etc.

  • Desserts and drinks:

There are desserts in the form of cakes and nuts to serve passengers with prices ranging from 5,000 VND to 30,000 VND, such as snacks, chips, cashew nuts, etc. In addition, Vietjet also serves bottled drinks, milk, fruit juice, and coconut water. Instant coffee and coffee prepared by bartenders are also provided to passengers with prices ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 VND, which are highly appreciated among meals on domestic airlines.

3. Catering services of Jetstar Pacific airline

The meals served on Jetstar Pacific flights are considered good. Passengers flying business class will be served a free 3-course meal. If not, visitors can also book in advance or buy right during the flight.

Note: Do not cancel. If you cancel your order, you will still be charged the canceled meal fee.

Jetstar's dishes that are highly appreciated by tourists include roasted chicken sticky rice, stir-fried vermicelli, mixed rice, stir-fried pho with five-spice chicken, stir-fried vermicelli with five colors, and roasted chicken noodles. Snacks to try include Jetstar bread, cream puffs, brownies, etc.

Although this airline does not regulate meals for short-long flights, passengers should still pay attention to ordering main meals for flights of about 2 hours or more to enjoy the company's nutritious dishes. For flights that are too short, from 1 hour on, you should only have snacks and mineral water if needed.

4. How does a Bamboo Airways flight serve meals?

Bamboo Airways flights always serve food and drinks to passengers. However, depending on the flight route and passenger's request, there will be free and non-free meals.

Free food:

  • Free meals apply to domestic flights, economy class flights, and flights lasting less than 2 hours. For example, routes Ho Chi Minh City-Hanoi, Hanoi-Can Tho, etc. will serve free mineral water and cold towels.
    • If passengers have special requests, they must pay fees according to the airline's regulations.
    • If you have booked in advance and paid for the same airfare, there is no need to pay additional fees during the flight.
    • If needs arise during the flight, additional fees will be charged for food, drinks and other necessary items from the company.
  • The meal menus of domestic airlines are always full of nutrition. Bamboo's meals include rice, meat, fish, green vegetables, eggs, seafood noodles, tea, fruit, etc.
  • Snacks often include burgers or patties, roasted peanuts, sweet soup, etc.
  • If you need to order a meal, please order 24 hours before departure.

Meals corresponding to class of travel

  • Business class: The menu for passengers traveling in business class (both domestic and international) will have both Vietnamese and foreign dishes. Along with that is fruit juice or wine. The meal reservation time is also 24 hours before the flight.
  • Special popular food: In addition to Vietnamese dishes served at main meals, there are also light snacks such as sandwiches and fruit juices. Passengers should note that if they have religious needs, they need to book in advance to get the best service.
  • Economy class: The menu for this class is also constantly changed according to the season and is very diverse. Typical Vietnamese dishes served include braised fish rice, vegetable soup, fruit juice, etc.

Families with children on the flight can order nutritional powder, hygienic drinking water, towels, diapers, etc. to meet the necessary needs for children to have the best flight journey.

Above are the regulations on meals for Vietnamese domestic airlines. Travelers who grasp the above information can proactively choose their in-flight meals and have a smooth and easy journey. We wish you a memorable culinary experience on every flight! If you have any questions or need advice, please contact HoaBinh Airlines through the hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for dedicated support.