Which airline has the best in-flight meals in the world?

Airlines always pay attention to meals on flights to meet the nutrition and appetite of passengers. Let's join HoaBinh Airlines to learn about 10 airlines that are highly rated for meal quality through this article.

The top 10 airlines with the best in-flight meals

1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines not only brings satisfaction to passengers thanks to its amenities but also highly rated in-flight meals. Including Dom Perignon or Krug wine. Besides, there are also a variety of snacks, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts to choose from, all of which are very uniquely presented.

Singapore Airlines' menu usually does not lack beef, lamb, chicken skewers with cucumber and bean sauce, or other fresh specialties. A special feature for first-class passengers is that they can enjoy the delicious food of the country they are going to.

For example, on a flight between Singapore and China, first-class passengers will be served a Chinese meal, but on a flight to Japan, in addition to the meal, there will also be a traditional tea ceremony of this country, a dish The meal for passengers flying between New Delhi and Mumbai is Shahi Thali, which was once served to the kings of India.

Note: You can order meals 24 hours before your departure time.

2. Delta Airlines

Among the list of the best in-flight meals is Delta Airlines. Passengers often appreciate seasonal meals and local specialties. Passengers on trans-Pacific flights enjoy Japanese dishes, while South American and Mexican flights serve Latin American dishes. In addition, the highlight is also the wine collection during meals selected by female sommelier Andrea Robinson.

3. Etihad Airlines

Etihad Airlines is famous for being able to accommodate all passengers' meal requests, even if you are a vegetarian. It is not strange for this to happen when Etihad Airlines has chefs selected from the best restaurants in the world, then undergoes in-depth training on wine and creates the most suitable dishes, then gives presentations on the best dishes. This is a culinary flower. Therefore, meals on Etihad Airlines flights are not only excellent in taste but also in the experience that culinary services bring.

4. Oman Air

Oman's national airline has received a Reader's Choice award from Saveur's Culinary Travel Awards for its in-flight meals. This is thanks to special features such as time-sensitive menus, exquisite food presentation on Chinese porcelain plates, and a welcome treat of traditional Arabic dates and coffee. At dinner, passengers have an appetizer with champagne and caviar; dessert is cheese, chocolate mousse gâteaux, bakhalava, and wine. There is even a pre-departure dish of Bircher Muesli fruit yogurt. .

5. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is highly rated for its in-flight meals; it can even be said that no other airline can compare. As proof of that, Emirates Airlines has won the Expert's Choice award two times in a row. Emirates' signature dishes include Iranian caviar, sour cream, and buffet blinis.

The company's premium meals include braised beef with coconut milk, smoked chicken, and strawberry cheesecake. The wine served during meals is also the premium vintage wine in 5-star hotel restaurants. Along with this class, the company's chefs are famous people in the world culinary industry. And if you want to enjoy wine and chat with friends, this airline has a small bar for you to do that.

6. Swiss International Air Lines

The Swiss airline dazzles travelers with a menu that changes only every 3 months thanks to passenger feedback and is also staffed by a new chef. Meals on Swiss International Air Lines flights all have Swiss culinary flavors and are creatively combined. The highlight must be the dishes with fragrant cheese ingredients.

7. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways not only makes tourists satisfied thanks to its service quality and extremely classy amenities, but one point that cannot be faulted is the in-flight cuisine. Passengers often praise the airline's delicious and beautifully decorated dishes. When traveling on Qatar Airways flights, you definitely cannot miss mezze - small Arabic dishes.

In addition, salmon cooked with mustard and dill in the oven is also a highlight. On night flights, jasmine green tea is also served, which is not only delicious but also helps relieve stress and fatigue for passengers at the end of the day.

8. Korean Air

Korean Air is an airline from Korea with a rich and diverse menu, bringing culinary flavors from Asia to Europe. It is considered the airline with the best in-flight meals. Particularly popular Korean dishes include dongchimi noodles and ginseng chicken soup.

Passengers traveling in luxury cabins will enjoy premium cocktails. You can completely trust Korean Air's services, as this airline has twice received the prestigious Mercury Award for flight service quality.

9. Japan Airlines

The menu on Japan Airlines flights is extremely diverse, not only featuring traditional Japanese dishes but also Asian and European dishes prepared by talented chefs. Those who have enjoyed Japan Airlines' meals whisper to each other that they cannot miss the abalone dishes, salted lobster, Japanese-style grilled pistachios, etc.

Especially when you sit in the airline's premium first class, don't forget to order. Enjoy a delicious cake and eat it while watching TV; you will have an experience like being at home.

10. Air New Zealand

Meals on this New Zealand airline's flights are considered to be no worse than any ground-level restaurant. The airline's menu is designed by a talented chef and two wine experts, clearly demonstrating class through the menu for business passengers.

A meal that is considered not only beautiful but also very delicious is stewed Moorish chicken served with tomato sauce, white beans, saffron, and cinnamon-grilled pumpkin or grilled salmon with salt, which are very familiar on airline flights. the firm. Air New Zealand's favorite desserts are rose and white chocolate panna cotta or pistachio ice cream.

Above are the top 10 airlines with the highest-rated in-flight meals based on many factors of taste, culture, service style, etc. Which airline's meals are you most impressed with? Please let HoaBinh Airlines know your answer right away. For any information you need advice on, please contact us via hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.