What to do if your luggage is lost?

Lost luggage is inevitable when traveling by plane. No one expected this incident, but do not worry because your problem will be assisted by airline staff and airport staff to find your luggage. HoaBinh Airlines will suggest what you need to do to avoid losing your luggage and how to handle it when it is lost.

How to avoid losing luggage when going to the airport?How do I avoid losing luggage when going to the airport?

What should you do when your luggage is lost?

When you feel like your luggage is lost, here are some steps that you can take to find it:

  • Stay calm. The most important thing is to stay calm, not panic.
  • Double-check baggage on the conveyor belt and other locations. Check on your flight on the electronic board to see which carousel your checked baggage will be dropped off in. There are cases where the same flight will return luggage on two conveyor belts. Consigned bulky goods may not be returned on the conveyor belt.
  • Reach out to the airport staff for help. After searching everywhere but not finding your luggage, you should immediately report it to the staff at the lost baggage counters at the airport. You will need to fill out a Lost and Found form.

You must provide the staff with the following documents: luggage tag, airline ticket, passport/citizen identification, residential address, and phone number. The more detailed information you provide about your luggage (baggage description, illustration photos), the higher your chances of finding it.

  • Contact the airline or shipping company. If you lose your luggage during your flight, you should contact the airline you are using to report the lost baggage. Some airlines will provide information about searching and compensating passengers while waiting to find lost luggage.
  • Continuously monitor the status of your baggage. After filling out the baggage form, you need to take a photo and ask for the phone number of the corresponding lost baggage counter staff so you can contact and continuously update the status. their status.
  • Compensation. Depending on the level, if your luggage arrives more than 3 weeks late, you will receive compensation from the airline you use.

You need to ask the staff for help and track your lost luggageYou need to ask the staff for help and track your lost luggage

What do you need to do to avoid losing your luggage?

The best way to avoid lost luggage is to take every precaution to avoid lost luggage:

  • Make your luggage most easily identifiable. Choose a bright, prominent suitcase and attach a luggage tag with your name and personal information, flight, departure date, arrival date, and destination. In addition, you should also choose strong, durable, and lockable suitcases to ensure the safety of your possessions.
  • Save the information and pictures of the items. You bring it to ensure you have enough luggage.
  • Check flight information. Ensure your flight information and boarding pass are correct. Wrong information may lead to baggage being misdirected. You must carefully check your luggage tickets and peel off old luggage tags to avoid confusion with other flights.
  • Use carry-on luggage if possible. Bring a portion of your checked baggage in your carry-on suitcase so you have at least one important piece of personal belonging close to you during the flight. It would be best to store important luggage in hand luggage, not checked baggage.
  • Use a baggage tracking system. Some airlines and airports offer baggage tracking systems via mobile apps or websites. You can use them to check the status of your luggage in real-time.
  • Always pay attention to your luggage when at the airport. While at the airport, always pay attention to your luggage to avoid losing it.
  • Check your luggage when getting off the plane. When you get off the plane and pick up your luggage at the destination airport, quickly go to the conveyor belt to pick up your luggage. Please double-check if the luggage is damaged or missing.

Always keep your actions easily identifiable and under your control when they are at the airportAlways keep your actions easily identifiable and under your control when they are at the airport

You need to follow the rules and instructions of the airport and airline to ensure safety and avoid losing luggage during your journey. For all information about air tickets, please contact us through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice and quick ticket booking at an affordable price.