What is checked baggage? Regulations on checked baggage at Vietjet

Unlike hand luggage, you will not be able to bring checked baggage directly into the aircraft cabin. However, luggage types also have certain regulations. Let's join HoaBinh Airlines to find out detailed information about checked baggage in the following article.

Find out what checked baggage is

Checked baggage can be understood as luggage that travels on the same flight as you but is kept in a separate baggage compartment, and you will get it back after arriving.

Vietjet deploys 4 different airline ticket classes: Eco, Deluxe, Skyboss, and Skyboss Business. Each airline ticket class has separate checked baggage facilities:

  • With Eco ticket class, you get 7kg of carry-on baggage for free; however, if you have checked baggage, you have to pay an additional fee.
  • For the Deluxe ticket class, you will receive 20kg of free checked baggage for flights under 7 hours and 40 kg of checked baggage for international flights over 7 hours.
  • Skyboss ticket class gets 30 kg of checked baggage and 1 set of golf equipment not exceeding 15kg (if any) for flights under 7 hours and 50 kg of checked baggage for international flights over 7 hours.
  • Especially with Skyboss Business, you will receive free 40 kg checked baggage and 1 set of golf equipment not exceeding 15kg (if any) for flights under 7 hours and 60 kg checked baggage for international flights over 7 hours. 

Does checked baggage cost anything?

The cost of checked baggage will depend on the ticket class you choose. Specifically, on each Vietjet Eco class flight, you are allowed to carry no more than 7kg of hand luggage for free, so to bring checked baggage, you will have to pay an additional fee. The price to buy checked baggage ranges from 155,000 - 435,000 VND/domestic route and 264,000 - 1,400,000 VND/international route.

If you want to buy additional luggage, you need to register for checked baggage service at Vietjet's Website/ app, ticket office, agent, or call center.

Regulations on oversized checked baggage on Vietjet flights

According to Vietjet's regulations, standard checked baggage dimensions must not exceed 119cm x 119 cm x 81 cm, and weight must not exceed 32 kg. Any baggage exceeding the specified size limit will be considered oversized baggage.

To save the most money, you should register in advance to purchase oversized baggage packages at Vietjet's website, ticket office, agent, and customer service center. Pre-purchased oversized checked baggage packages include checked baggage fees and oversized baggage handling service fees.


  • If you have purchased a standard checked baggage package, you can still change it to an oversized baggage package 3 hours before the scheduled departure time by contacting the sales channels to make a request.
  • Oversized baggage service fees will be higher when purchased at the airport.

Types of checked baggage that are prohibited or should not be checked in

The following items are not accepted as checked baggage; you should note:

  • The item is not properly packaged in a suitcase or other suitable container to ensure safe transport under normal shipping conditions.
  • Dangerous goods such as weapons, explosives, gasses, toxins, infectious substances, radioactive substances, magnetic substances,...
  • Remains or animals.
  • Frozen foods, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. are also not allowed to be checked in.
  • Items such as money, jewelry, rare metals, silverware, electronics, computers, cameras, camcorders, transferable papers, securities, and valuable papers Other valuables, passports, identification documents, etc. should not be kept in your checked baggage because of any risks that may occur with these valuable and fragile items.

Some regulations on checked baggage for international flights

Here are some items that are not allowed in checked baggage in some countries:

  • Japan: You should not bring food or fresh food because Japanese customs will not let you enter. Especially when completing exit procedures from Vietnam to fly to Japan, you are not allowed to bring more than 1 million yen.
  • Singapore: You absolutely cannot bring chewing gum, cigarettes, medicine, etc. in your checked baggage to Singapore.
  • Korea: Korea implements a fairly strict quarantine regime for agricultural products. Therefore, you will not be allowed to bring fresh fruits such as mango, orange, papaya, chili, fresh fruits, and vegetables... when entering Korea.

Instructions on how to get checked baggage at the airport

The process for picking up checked baggage is as follows:

  • After getting off the plane, passengers will be guided to the checked baggage claim area of that flight (each flight will have a separate baggage claim area).
  • Checked baggage will be transferred to the conveyor belt by airport staff. At this point, you need to look for your luggage and pick it up.
  • After picking up your correct luggage, you continue to go to the baggage control gate so that the airport staff can compare the code posted on your luggage to see if the code printed on the boarding pass matches. Do they match each other?
  • After checking and determining that it is your luggage, the staff will let you out.

Tips to help you avoid problems with checked baggage during your flight.

To have a smooth flight without difficulties caused by checked baggage, you should keep in mind the following notes:

  • Absolutely, do not bring items that are radioactive substances, explosives, toxins, oxidizers, or flammable substances/ or gases into checked baggage.
  • Weigh and measure the weight and size of checked baggage in advance. Please proactively register to buy additional luggage if needed.
  • Each piece of checked baggage must have its full name and address written on the baggage identification tag. In particular, you must remember to receive the card stub when checking in your luggage. Additionally, you can mark your luggage by wrapping it in a handkerchief to easily identify it.
  • You should wrap each piece of luggage carefully and not leave valuable assets such as money, jewelry, computers, electronics, or goods with a characteristic odor in your checked luggage.
  • Except for week-long flights where you need to bring a lot of belongings, for the rest, you should only bring carry-on luggage. To avoid inconvenience and minimize unforeseen problems.
  • After flights, remember to pick up your checked baggage. If you forget to pick up your luggage, you will lose your luggage and have no belongings.

Above are some shares of HoaBinh Airlines about checked baggage. If you are still worried about checked baggage information, you can immediately contact us via hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for more specific answers.