What do mothers need to prepare when traveling with their babies?

Long trips will be an opportunity to help your baby have more opportunities to interact with the outside world. However, preparing travel clothes for your baby, especially for the first trip, is not really easy, causing many parents to "sweat" with their baby because they do not know how to prepare. Let HoaBinh Airlines help mothers through the tips below.

Prepare luggage to travel with your baby

Luggage for traveling with your baby is the first thing mothers need to pay attention to. Mothers need to prepare appropriate clothes for their babies. When traveling in the summer, mothers should prepare cool, sweat-absorbent clothes, but they should still bring a few long clothes to prevent cold evenings. 

In addition, mothers need to prepare extra hats, sunglasses, blankets, and pillows for their baby every day so that the baby gets used to them and sleeps easily when traveling. If your baby is very young, you can bring a small travel stroller that can be folded to save space.

Mothers should arrange their baby's belongings in separate luggage so that they can be easily managed and avoid losing the baby's belongings. In addition to checked baggage, mothers need to prepare a small carry-on bag to hold the baby's essentials, such as snacks, milk, tissues, and a few changes of clothes when needed. Mothers need to always pay close attention to their baby's luggage because adult items that are lost are easy to manage, and baby's items will be a problem.

Prepare medication when traveling with your baby

During travel, medicines for babies are especially necessary and indispensable. For adults, if you forget your medicine, you can go buy it at the nearest pharmacy.

But for children, the use of medicine must always be carefully considered. Moreover, children's bodies are weak and susceptible to illness, so they must have preventive medicine available to use when necessary. Therefore, mothers should buy medicines that their children are used to and avoid buying medicines from outside on their own. Normally, when traveling, mothers should bring some of the following basic medicines for their babies:

+ Fever-reducing medicine: You should prepare rectal fever-reducing tablets and oral fever-reducing medicine.

+ Other basic medicines such as: cough medicine, runny nose, nose drops, rehydration medicine, digestive enzymes, etc.

+ Comes with some necessary health-related items, such as: thermometer, nasal aspirator, cotton swab, eucalyptus oil (or cajuput oil) to fight colds, cream to prevent and treat insect bites, lotion for the skin, sunscreen, etc.

Mothers need to pay attention and bring all these medicines and supplies to ensure timely handling of arising situations and have a wonderful trip.

Prepare food when traveling with your baby

Preparing food for your baby when traveling is the most difficult thing for mothers, especially children who are still breastfeeding or starting solid foods.

The menu at the restaurant where your family is traveling may not have dishes that your baby can eat, especially babies who are weaning and have not yet eaten solid foods. So mothers need to prepare extra porridge for babies. Weaning porridge for babies on the market today is very rich and diverse; mothers have many options for their babies. 

After the breastfeeding period, the baby begins to eat solid foods, wants to explore the world around them more, and their nutritional needs gradually increase. Therefore, it is very necessary to bring baby porridge while traveling to meet the increasing nutritional and energy needs of children to help them gain weight as well as develop physically, both physically and intellectually, as the baby grows older.

Weaning porridge is a convenient product to bring when traveling with your baby. This is a food that provides many necessary nutrients for babies, such as protein, calcium, vitamins, etc. Weaning porridge easily dissolves in water, is soft, and does not cause choking for babies when eating, so it is very safe and suitable for children. Babies are learning to eat solid food.

However, the key to choosing weaning porridge for children is that mothers should rely on their child's age and the nutritional composition of the porridge to make an appropriate decision. Each type of weaning porridge produced will have nutritional and energy ingredients that are processed to suit the baby's age.

From 5 months on, children need to be supplemented with more calcium to meet the needs of bone and tooth development. Therefore, you should choose weaning porridge that is full of these nutrients to supplement your baby. 

Among the types of weaning porridge for babies, mothers can give their children Matsuya weaning porridge - this is a Japanese product that is very famous on the market today. With abundant calcium from natural food ingredients, Matsuya baby food can completely meet your baby's needs during this period.

Some other notes when traveling with your baby

In addition to preparing luggage, food, medicine, milk, and weaning powder for your baby, when traveling with your baby, you also need to keep in mind the following things from Turle Grass's travel experience.

Choose the appropriate destination

For young children, especially children under 2 years old, mothers should not let them move much in a short period of time. Therefore, when having children in this age group, mothers need to be careful when choosing suitable, economical travel destinations.

Mothers should temporarily put aside trips with many places to visit, with elements of exploration, adventure, climbing mountains, or going into caves. These places not only make the baby but also the mother very tired.

When traveling with your baby, you should choose to go to resorts with lots of play space for your baby, places with swimming pools, and beaches. This way, your baby will be exposed to nature and sea air, which is beneficial for your baby's health. Furthermore, this also makes your baby more excited about the trip. 

Once you have chosen a tourist destination, you should book a room immediately and inform the hotel about the baby traveling with you so that the hotel can prepare everything carefully, such as: arranging a crib in the room and preparing a chair. meals or special offers for children (if any).

Choose appropriate means of transportation

If you choose faraway tourist destinations, you should take your baby on a plane. When flying, you should choose a seat in the front (if you buy a ticket online) or announce it at the counter when checking in.

When flying, mothers need to bring all the documents for their baby, especially the birth certificate; otherwise, it will be extremely complicated and the baby will not be able to get on the plane.

If you go close, you can choose to travel by train or car. When traveling by these means, you need to make sure your baby has enough room to lie down and space to breathe to avoid motion sickness and crying.

Always check the weather before your trip

Because you are traveling with your baby, you should check the time before going to add some necessary items. Monitoring the weather also helps mothers proactively change the tour schedule appropriately, making the trip more convenient and smooth.

Besides, don't be afraid to cancel your trip if the weather is too bad or there is a natural disaster happening there. Because your child's safety comes first.

Prepare empty plastic bottles and plastic bags

The baby's ability to hold in urine and defecation is very poor, and the baby should not hold in, so the mother should bring a bottle or plastic bag to help the baby go to the toilet in an emergency. On the other hand, mothers should not let their babies drink too much water or snack too much. This will make them urinate and defecate a lot. Sometimes plastic bottles and plastic bags are not enough.

Always be careful and keep an eye on your baby during the trip

To prevent your baby from getting lost, mothers need to keep an eye on their baby throughout the trip. At the same time, mothers should write down the baby's name, spouse's name, home address, phone number, and hotel address on a piece of paper and put it in the baby's pocket, so that if the baby gets lost, someone else will know how to contact them. 

For older children, mothers need to tell them that if they get lost, they should find a police officer or security guard at the train or bus station to help find their parents. In particular, mothers should let their children memorize mom or dad's phone number and hotel address.

There have been many cases of children losing their parents while traveling, so mothers need to remember these things carefully and keep an eye on their babies during the trip.

Limit bringing items that can be purchased

Because the baby is traveling with you, the furniture will be very loose, so you don't need to bring things that may be available in the hotel, such as towels, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. You can bring a toothbrush if you don't want to use the hotel toothbrush.

However, if your baby or mother is only used to using everyday items at home, you can bring them along, but buy a cosmetic dispenser to dispense toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, etc. into small bottles for convenience. Don't carry a big bottle of shower gel or shampoo because it's heavy and tiring.

After you are fully prepared, let's go traveling together, mother and baby, on the most wonderful journey of discovery with your baby. Hopefully, with the above information from HoaBinh Airlines, taking your children traveling will become simpler and more comfortable for mothers. For any information you need advice on, please contact us via hotline: 0913.311.911 - 0939.311.911 for dedicated support.