What Can I Bring When Flying? Carry-on Baggage Regulations to Note

To have a smooth flight, you need to clearly understand the regulations about what cannot be brought on the plane before each trip. So specifically, what will be allowed and what will not be allowed on the plane? Let's find out the details in the article with HoaBinh Airlines.

What Can I Bring When Flying?What Can I Bring When Flying?

Find out what is allowed on the plane

The first thing you need to understand before packing for your flight is the regulations on the size and weight of carry-on luggage. Each airline will have different regulations. But the most common regulation is that the maximum weight of each piece/accessory is 10 kg.

Carry-on luggage is only allowed to have a maximum 3-dimensional dimension (56 x 36 x 23 cm), with accessories such as briefcases, backpacks, computers, handbags, cameras, etc. having a maximum 3-dimensional dimension (40 x 30 x 15 cm).

Items carried on domestic flights

During a domestic flight, like when you prepare for a trip to Phu Quoc or a self-sufficient trip to Nha Trang, things you can bring include:

  • Clothes, shoes, phones, laptops, cameras, dry food or food containing very little water, small bottled water, pets (depending on each airline's regulations). Food for pets, such as powdered milk or necessary liquids, strollers, foldable strollers (applicable in cases where a baby must be accompanied), besides, you can carry prescribed medications or regular medications, small oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, cardiac devices, and blood pressure monitors (applicable to passengers with a history of or current heart or blood pressure diseases). 
  • Compressed cosmetics may include powder, lipstick, and liquid cosmetics May include perfume and beauty solutions but requires a wheelchair (required condition: total capacity of bottles must be less than 1 liter). 
  • Non-sharp makeup tools can be brought. People with disabilities can bring guide dogs. Sports equipment and musical instruments whose dimensions are within the carry-on or checked baggage limits may be charged separately.

Items carried on domestic flightsItems carried on domestic flights

Items carried on international flights

In addition to the things allowed on the plane as prescribed on domestic flights, international passengers need to pay attention to a number of regulations, including:

  • Cosmetics, liquid solutions, sprays, or thick solutions such as toothpaste, perfume, drinks, etc. are allowed to be brought but must be stored in boxes with a capacity of less than 100 ml, wrapped in transparent plastic bags, sealed, and a size less than 20 x 20 cm. It should be noted that the total capacity of the solutions is less than 1 liter.
  • Some special luggage that can be brought along is: 
    • Beverages with an alcohol content of 25-70% (required capacity not to exceed 5 liters, intact packaging).
    • Canned perfume with a capacity of less than 500 ml (total capacity of less than 2 liters).

Items carried on international flightsItems carried on international flights

Things not allowed on the plane

The top 4 groups of items prohibited for carry-on on the plane

All airlines have regulations that prohibit bringing drinks with an alcohol content of over 70% on the plane. Things that are not allowed on the plane include: 

  • Dangerous, sharp objects that can cause injury, such as: scissors with sharp parts blades over 6 cm long, razor blades, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, batons, paper knives, or sharp objects over 10 cm long, sticks/umbrella handles with sharp metal tips... 
  • Dangerous properties items, such as: saws or saw blades, objects with sharp blades, sports clubs such as billiard clubs, golf clubs, baseball bats, etc. 
  • Absolutely do not bring items that can cause fire or explosion, such as: military explosive devices, bullets, mines, fireworks, gasoline, lighters, or matches. 
  • Weapons such as: guns, laser guns, slingshots, knives, swords of all kinds, spears, bayonets, etc. is strictly prohibited. Ban toys that resemble real weapons.

The top 4 groups of items prohibited for carry-on on the planeThe top 4 groups of items prohibited for carry-on on the plane

The top 6 groups of items prohibited in checked baggage

Items that are not allowed on the plane as checked baggage also include drinks with an alcohol content of over 70%. Ammunition items such as smoke bullets and smoke balls (souvenirs made from bullet casings are allowed). Things that are not allowed on the plane include explosive items, including detonators of all kinds, military explosive devices, and slow-burning fuses. 

Firecracker items such as firecrackers, flares, fireworks, firecracker explosives, and gunpowder are also absolutely prohibited in checked baggage. Explosives include gasoline, matches, fuel used to refill lighters, and objects containing liquid oxygen.

Specific regulations of some countries


US Customs entry regulations prohibit Vietnamese tourists from bringing seafood (all types of seafood) and ban fresh foods, including foods made from beef, chicken, and pork, like sausages, pork floss, dried beef, sausages, and canned meat. Prohibit all fruits, vegetables, seeds, and crushed drugs (except in special cases, such as for people with diabetes). 


Japan Customs entry regulations prohibit trees, plants, and seeds; unlabeled food products; fresh frozen fruits and vegetables; livestock; poultry products; and by-products processed from poultry, such as bird eggs and bird feathers. 

Specific air regulations of JapanSpecific airline regulations of Japan


Korea Customs entry regulations prohibit agricultural and forestry products, as well as plants, fruits, and vegetables. 


China Customs entry regulations prohibit foods, medicines, or other products from epidemic areas, affected areas, or people susceptible to the epidemic; bans on plants and products; harmful insects and harmful organisms; as well as infected animals. 


Dubai Customs entry regulations prohibit pork and pork products; products from ivory and animal skin; alcoholic beverages; wireless transmitting equipment; sedatives or anesthetics (if required, a doctor's prescription must be required, notarized according to law); goods and currency originating from Israel and associated countries; and objects offensive to Muslims.

Specific airline regulations of DubaiSpecific airline regulations of Dubai

Some frequently asked questions about airplane luggage

According to regulations, western medicine can be brought on a plane. There is no limit to the number of prescription or non-prescription medications that can be carried on domestic flights. Particularly for international flights, there are regulations stating that only a reasonable amount of medication can be brought, including prescription or non-prescription medications. Limit liquid, aerosol, and gel medications. 

You can bring a cell phone on the plane, but you must turn off the power or put it in airplane mode when the plane begins to take off. Moreover, you are also bringing power banks that can be carried as hand luggage on the plane. According to regulations, a backup battery has a voltage of 3.7V, a capacity of about 10,000mAh, produces lithium ion technology and a capacity of about 37Wh, which is safe for flying, but be careful to bring Carry-on or carry-on baggage is not allowed in checked baggage.

Besides, you can bring a laptop on the plane. Note that laptops must be kept in hand luggage or carried with you. Do not put it in checked baggage because computers contain explosive batteries. If kept in the checked compartment near the aircraft's mechanical system, it will be dangerous because it is very flammable and explosive. 

Some frequently asked questions about airplane luggageSome frequently asked questions about airplane luggage

You can also bring contained cosmetics on the plane but the mandatory condition is that the bottle containing them must be less than 100 ml. The total capacity of liquids carried must be less than 1 liter. 

Especially on domestic flights, there are regulations requiring how much money passengers can bring. But to be safe, you should only bring enough money and put the rest on your ATM card. 

Normally, domestic flights do not have regulations on bringing food on the plane, so you can bring food on the plane. But note that many airlines limit bringing liquids on the plane, so you should only bring dry and convenient food. And especially pay attention to the fact that international flights have extremely strict regulations related to food.

Regulations on checked/hand luggage when flying

Signed luggage

Rules for checked baggage will vary, depending on the ticket class and airline you buy the ticket from. Depending on the airline, some will require passengers to pay extra for luggage. If you determine that you need to buy extra luggage, you should buy it when booking your ticket to get a good price.


Depending on the regulations of each airline and the difference between seating classes, there will be different regulations on the weight and size of hand luggage that passengers are allowed to carry.

Among all types of vehicles, airplanes are a special means of transport, so there will be strict regulations on passengers and luggage, especially regulations on things that cannot be brought on the plane, as informed in the article. write. If you violate, you may be banned from flying or be handled according to the law. 

HoaBinh Airlines hopes that you understand the list of things that are allowed and not allowed on the plane and prepare well for your flight. For any information you need advice on, please contact us through our hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.