Useful experience when traveling for families with young children

If you do not have experience traveling as a family with young children, there are many things to keep in mind to make the trip smooth, fun, and safe. What should you prepare when traveling with children? Where to go? What should I bring? Let's find out about this issue through the below article with HoaBinh Airlines.

Experience traveling with children

Young children, especially children under 2 years old, should not move too much in a short period of time. If you have to travel by air, the time on the plane must be less than 3 hours, because otherwise it will be beyond the child's endurance.

Therefore, parents with children at this age should temporarily put aside trips that are too far away and visit many places or trips that have elements of discovery, exploration, climbing mountains, or going into caves. These places are not only unattractive to the baby, but they are also tiring for the parents, who have to move a lot and look after their children at the same time. 

Instead, when traveling with children, go to resorts with lots of play space for children, places with swimming pools, and beaches. Being exposed to nature and sea air is also very good for your baby's health.

When taking your children on a trip, plan carefully and determine a slower travel speed than when you travel with an adult. If you want to visit more than one location, you need to know clearly where you are going, and these locations should not be too far apart. 

Once you have chosen a suitable destination, in addition to booking a room in advance, parents should inform the hotel that they will have young children with them. So the hotel will have the best preparations for your family: such as arranging cribs in the room, preparing dining chairs, or special incentives for children - if any.

Tourist destinations for families with young children

Some tourist destinations for families with young children that you can refer to are:

Da Nang

Flight time from Hanoi or Saigon to Da Nang only takes about 1 hour, so it will be very suitable for children. Furthermore, Da Nang is a very beautiful city, not only because of its scenery and unique cultural features but also because of the friendliness of the people here.

Children can have fun at the beach, and contact with nature and sea air is also very good for their health. At the same time, children can also learn and know many more things about culture and history when coming to Da Nang.

You can go with your baby and the whole family to Ba Na Hill, Son Tra Peninsula, Linh Ung Pagoda, and the system of sparkling, brilliant bridges such as Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge,...

Phu Quoc

There is a direct flight from Hanoi to Phu Quoc that takes a little more than 2 hours, and from Saigon to Phu Quoc, it is so close that it only takes about 30 minutes to get there.

Phu Quoc is famous for its long beaches, white sand, and many large and small islands, such as Mong Tay Island, Bang Island, Doi Moi Island,...

In Phu Quoc, there is also VinPearl Land, with many attractive entertainment games, especially those aimed at young children. If parents want their trip to be both fun and rewarding, Phu Quoc is a suitable choice.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a very popular beach tourist destination in the summer. From Hanoi, it takes about 2 hours to fly to Nha Trang; from Saigon, it takes about 40-45 minutes, which is completely suitable for families with small children.

Coming to Nha Trang, you can take your baby to Vinpearl Land, Ponagar Tower, a mud bath, a beach walk, Xom Moi Market, etc.

You also need to note that the weather in Nha Trang is quite hot in the summer, so avoid letting your baby go out when the sun is strong or it's too hot. Every time you go out, you need to wear a hat and apply sunscreen to your baby.

Da Lat

The flight time from Hanoi to Da Lat is about 2 hours. Flying from Saigon to Da Lat takes less than 1 hour; if you go by car, it will take about 6-7 hours.

Da Lat is known as a place with a cool, fresh climate suitable for children to roam around. You should visit Da Lat with your family in July, August, and September. This is the time when this place has the most neutral weather, with no drizzle.

Parents can rest assured that a little sunshine combined with the cool air here will make your baby feel comfortable and ready for every game.

You can take your baby to visit famous places in Da Lat, such as: Cau Dat Tea Hill, Da Lat Children's House, Langbiang Peak, Strawberry Gardens, etc.

There are also many suitable tourist destinations for families with children, such as Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau, Sapa, etc. You can refer to it for more information!

Pay attention to transportation when traveling with children

Regarding transportation, if you fly, you should also choose a seat in the front (if buying tickets online) or notify the counter when checking in at the airport. A small note is that parents should remember to bring their child's birth certificate when flying; otherwise, it will be extremely troublesome and may not allow them to board the plane.

If traveling by train or car, make sure your child has enough room to lie down and an open space to breathe.

How can you help children feel comfortable when moving?

For children under 2 years old, you should dress them in soft, airy cotton clothes with many layers. Pajamas and cotton jackets are more appropriate than jeans, t-shirts or frilly dresses. Wearing layered clothing will be more convenient for mothers to take off and put on. If it's too hot that day and the car's air conditioning breaks down, the mother can easily take off her child's clothes, or vice versa.

Your child's diaper changing equipment must always be ready and compact. When traveling on public transportation such as planes, trains, or buses, remember to pack enough diapers, wet wipes, diaper changing pads, dry hand sanitizer, and a few plastic bags to throw old diapers into.

Bringing 2-3 toys with your baby will help entertain them and avoid crying because they have to interact with many strangers in an environment completely different from the cozy room at home. Mothers should prepare 1-2 old toys that the baby likes the most and 1-2 new toys in case the baby is "unruly" and does not like to play with old toys.

If possible, take the time to walk on the train or stretch your baby's legs and arms to relieve fatigue.

Snacks and candy may be "forbidden" foods at home, but when traveling, if the mother wants to have a "peaceful" trip, she should treat the baby once. It won't be too big of a problem.

If your baby sleeps, do everything you can to prolong that time. Baby being able to sleep on the trip will be a great blessing for parents (and surrounding passengers).

Things to bring when traveling with children

First, pay attention to your child's clothes. When traveling with young children in the summer, the baby will sweat a lot, so parents should choose cool, sweat-absorbent clothes. You should also prepare a few sets of long clothes in case of windy evenings or cold, air-conditioned areas.

Next, hats, glasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent spray, and insect bite treatment cream specifically for children are also indispensable items. In addition, to be more careful, parents should also bring some fever-reducing medicine or plaster, anti-diarrhea medicine, and personal bandages for their children.

A travel stroller is also a very necessary item when taking your baby on long trips. Choose a compact, foldable stroller to save space for storage. Or use a large suitcase with handles and wheels to prevent you from getting into the situation of "carrying under your armpits" with many large and small bags while still having to keep an eye on an active or fussy baby. whining, crying.

Children's ability to hold their bowels and urinate is very poor, and in fact, they should not be held back. You should prepare some plastic bottles or thick nylon bags in case of "emergencies".

It is a small bag that can hold at least one set of baby's clothes and a pack of wet wipes so that when an unexpected situation arises (baby gets wet, dirty clothes, wets the bed, or poops), you can quickly give it to them. The baby goes to the toilet and "resolves" easily.

You need to arrange your baby's luggage separately because he or she has a lot of miscellaneous items such as bottles, baby food, diapers, etc. In addition to checked baggage, you need to divide an additional small bag to carry the baby's necessary things that may be needed at any time during the trip, such as snacks, milk, drinking water, tissues, a change of clothes, and hygiene if the baby vomits food or wets it, wets the bed, extrudes poop, etc. Person's luggage If you lose a big one, you can easily manage it, but losing a baby's belongings is not so easy.

What do you need to prepare when traveling with young children?

Prepare medications when traveling with children

To prevent this, you can bring some medicine in your travel luggage, such as a fever reducer, diarrhea medicine, etc. If you go to a tropical area, you should bring insect repellant and sunscreen.

In case you get lost while traveling with children

Even though you don't want to, you should think about the case of your baby getting lost to figure out how to minimize the consequences. You should write down your baby's name and your spouse's name, along with your home address, phone number, and hotel, on a small piece of paper and put it in your baby's bag.

Check the weather before traveling with children

If traveling with children, you need to check the weather before leaving. Don't be afraid to cancel your trip if the destination has a storm, a natural disaster, or an epidemic outbreak. Remember, your child's safety comes first.

In addition, families with young children should have their health checked before traveling, especially to foreign locations.

Be careful when letting young children fly

- The air on the plane is very dry; remember to always bring a bottle of boiled and cooled water for your baby to drink to avoid thirst.

- Don't bring too many things on the plane. However, to avoid a delayed flight, mothers should also prepare some extra diapers and milk.

- Young children often fly for free or only have to pay a very small fee (about 10%) if they sit with their mother. However, on long-haul flights, letting your child sit continuously on your lap will be very tiring and difficult. Mothers should consider carefully, depending on the situation.

- When taking off and landing, to prevent your baby from experiencing ringing or tinnitus, you can let your baby use a pacifier to suck on a milk bottle. Sucking will help reduce the impact of pressure, making your baby more comfortable.

- Choose the most compact travel stroller and remember to bring your baby's birth certificate or passport (for foreign flights).

Above are some travel experiences for families with young children of HoaBinh Airlines. Hopefully this article can help parents when planning to take their children traveling. For any information you need advice on, please contact us via hotline: 0913.311.911 - 0939.311.911 for dedicated support.