Update flight ticket refund policies of major airlines in Vietnam

Some situations arising from customers or airlines lead to flight cancellations. Therefore, passengers need to understand airline ticket refund policies to be more proactive during the check-in process. Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, Jetstar, and Bamboo Airways are major airlines in Vietnam today, and each airline has a different flight ticket refund policy. To be more proactive in the check-in process, please join HoaBinh Airlines to find out the specific information below.

What is an airline ticket refund?

An airline ticket refund is the procedure for returning all or part of the money the passenger paid to buy the ticket. Usually, ticket refunds arise due to customer demand or because the airline cancels the ticket for a number of reasons, such as delay or flight cancellation.

Depending on each airline, there are different flight ticket refund policies. Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, and Bamboo Airways apply flight ticket refund procedures for customers in need, especially for Vietjet, which does not refund tickets but only creates conditions for passengers to change names, flights, flight routes, and flight dates with change fees, usually the difference in ticket price (if any).

Procedures and refund policies for airline tickets of major airlines in Vietnam

Updating and remembering policies on airline ticket refund procedures will help you gain more useful experience to proactively handle, complete procedures, etc. if unexpected situations arise.

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines flight ticket refund procedures

If you want to refund your flight ticket, please contact the place of ticket issuance for support as soon as possible.

In case a passenger wants to refund a ticket purchased on the website or mobile application of Vietnam Airlines, they need to fill out the ticket refund registration form, send an email to onlinesupport@vietnamairlines.com, or contact the hotline at 1900 1100 or Vietnam Airlines branches to receive support.

According to the airline ticket refund policy, if you pay in cash at branches of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (VCB) and Vietnam Technological and Commercial Bank (TCB), passengers should go to these branches. Vietnam Airlines branches in Vietnam to refund tickets as soon as possible.

Ticket refunds may be charged or not refundable, depending on the specific conditions of the ticket price. After refunding the ticket, the money will be transferred to the card or account that the passenger used to previously purchase the ticket.

Ticket refund regulations for each ticket class at Vietnam Airlines

  • Flexible businessmen: Before departure date and from flight departure date: 300,000 VND; Lunar New Year period only: 600,000 VND; Standard Business: 300,000 VND.
  • Flexible Economy: Before departure date and from departure date: 300,000 VND; Lunar New Year period: only 600,000 VND; Standard Special Economy: 300,000 VND.
  • Flexible Economy: Before departure date and from flight departure date: 300,000 VND; Lunar New Year period: only 600,000 VND; Economy Standard: Before departure date: 300,000 VND; from flight departure date: 600,000 VND; Economy Saver Class and Economy Super Saver: Not allowed.


Vietjet does not apply a refund policy for all airline tickets. However, you can choose to change passenger name, change flight, change flight date, or change flight route with a change in fee and fare difference. Therefore, before each domestic or international trip, you need to make specific plans to avoid unwanted situations.

  • Passenger name change: applicable to SkyBoss and Eco classes (change fee and fare difference, if any); promo does not apply.
  • Change flight: SkyBoss (free change and fare difference if any); Eco (collect change fee and fare difference if any); Promo does not apply.
  • Change flight date: SkyBoss (free change); Eco (variable fee); Promo does not apply; Promo (change fee).
  • Change flight route: SkyBoss (free change); Eco (variable fee); Promo (change fee).
  • Conditions for change: SkyBoss, Eco, and Promo only change information with the condition of notification 3 hours before departure time.
  • Ticket reservation: not applicable to all ticket classes.
  • Refund/Cancellation: Not applicable to all ticket classes.


For Jetstar Airlines, passengers in the Premium Business and Starter Max ticket classes are entitled to the preferential ticket refund policy with fees; the remaining ticket classes do not apply the air ticket refund policy.

If you have questions related to flight ticket refund procedures, you can contact ticket agents or the hotline to receive detailed advice.

  • Merchant: Not applicable
  • Optimal business travel: 400,000 VND/person/trip
  • Optimum (Starter Max): 400,000 VND/person/segment
  • Starter savings: Not applicable
  • Convenience (Starter Plus): Not applicable

Bamboo Airways

Airline ticket refund policy and fees will be announced by Bamboo Airways on its official website. Specifically, only Bamboo Business ticket class is eligible for the ticket refund policy, with the air ticket refund fee during the low season being 300,000 VND/person, and during peak periods such as holidays and Tet, the fee will increase to 450,000 VND/person.

  • Bamboo Business: 300,000 VND (VAT not included); during peak periods, the fee is 450,000 VND/passenger/trip/time (VAT not included).
  • Bamboo Plus: Not allowed
  • Bamboo Eco: Not allowed

Passengers should not forget to refer to the flight ticket refund policies from Vietnam's four largest airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, Jetstar, and Bamboo Airways, to grasp the "standard" check-in process from A-Z. For any information you need advice on, please contact HoaBinh Airlines through the hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.