Troubles when traveling in summer – HoaBinh Airlines advice on how to handle them

If the upcoming summer travel season fills you with equal parts excitement and anxiety, you are certainly not alone. According to a report of the aviation industry, since the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, the travel demand of people around the world has begun to increase strongly again. That means there are more problem and claim arise for trip interruption, trip delays, and baggage delays. So what can you do to make your travel go smoothly during the busy — and expensive — season to come? Read on for details and best tips of us.

Travel light

Arriving at your final destination without your luggage is never a pleasant experience. To minimize the possibility of baggage delay or loss, we recommends you should travel with at least a carry-on with one set of underwear and a T-shirt. It helps you not to be confuse when your baggage delay or loss.


Moreover, if you need additional outfits and footwear, research the local shopping areas and hit the stores once you arrive at the destination.

Arrive early

If you are attending a wedding or event, our advice is to plan to arrive at least a day early. That way will help you have some extra time in case you run into any travel issues, such as flight cancellations or delays. Even if that doesn't happen, you'll have time to recover from the trip, adjust to the new time zone, and explore the area.


Check in online and sign up for your airline’s push notifications to get notified if your flight is delayed or canceled. That way, you can quickly address any flight changes with the airline as soon as you learn about them.

Booking flight in advance

While you don’t have any control over your flight getting canceled or delayed, you can make sure that, once at your destination, you can see and do all the things you have planned by making theater, museum, cinema, and restaurant reservation in advance.

Everything now can be booking online. So, instead of traveling to a famous landmark or restaurant in a foreign country and being unable to experience it because tickets or serve are sold out, get online as soon as possible and purchase entry passes or book a table.


Keep a copy of important medical information

Having a medical emergency abroad is as scary as it stressful. Our advice is to have a list of all your medical conditions and medications available digitally by put them somewhere in the cloud, anything that identifies you. That way will help medical personnel can quick access to all the information they need to treat you.

Above are some sharing of HoaBinh Airlines about some solutions when traveling this summer so that you have the most memorable experiences. For any information that needs advice or to book flight tickets, please contact the hotline: 0939 311 911 – 0905 388 666 for the fastest support.