Top Summer Holiday Destinations In Europe - Cheap Plane Tickets For June And July

Summer is the perfect time to plan a journey to explore new destinations, and Europe - with its rich history, diverse culture and stunning landscapes - is undoubtedly the ideal choice. Join HoaBinh Airlines to discover 9 spectacular destinations in Europe along with tips on finding cheap flight tickets for this summer!

1. Italy

Italy is the ideal destination for summer, renowned for its remarkable cities and landmarks. Rome, the capital of Italy, enchants visitors with the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Pantheon, combining ancient history with modern vibrancy. Venice, the city of romantic canals, attracts tourists with St. Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge, offering unique Gondola rides.

Florence, the center of Renaissance art, stands out with the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio, making it an unmissable destination for art and history lovers. The Amalfi Coast, with seaside villages like Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, is famous for its majestic scenery, blue seas, and winding mountain roads.

To get cheap flights to Italy, you should book tickets at least 2-3 months in advance and use price comparison websites like Skyscanner and Momondo. Keep an eye on airline promotions, be flexible with your travel dates, and choose flights at less popular times, such as early morning or late night, to get the best fares.

The beautiful capital city of RomeThe beautiful capital city of Rome

2. Spain

Spain is a fantastic summer destination, offering a variety of remarkable cities and landmarks. Barcelona is renowned for Antoni Gaudí's unique architecture, such as the Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló. The city also boasts beautiful beaches, the historic Gothic Quarter, and vibrant nightlife. Madrid, the capital of Spain, invites visitors to explore the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace, and El Retiro Park. The city's lively squares like Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor, along with its diverse cuisine, add to its charm.

Seville stands out with Moorish heritage sites like the Alcázar and Seville Cathedral, home to the famous Giralda Tower. Seville also hosts the lively Feria de Abril festival, offering a chance to experience traditional Flamenco culture. Valencia, a coastal city, features modern architecture such as the City of Arts and Sciences, along with the colorful old town Barrio del Carmen. The city is famous for the Las Fallas festival and the traditional dish paella.

Spain offers something special in every season. Spring (March to May) brings mild weather ideal for city exploration without the summer crowds. Summer (June to August) heats up with perfect beach weather and vibrant festivals, but expect more tourists. Fall (September to November) offers pleasant temperatures, great for outdoor activities and wine tasting. Winter (December to February) is quieter, perfect for cultural exploration and skiing in the mountains. Choose your season based on your interests and preferences!

Travel to SpainTravel to Spain

3. Turkey

Turkey, situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is a captivating destination blending millennia of history with diverse cultures. With a rich civilization spanning from ancient Anatolian kingdoms to Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Turkey showcases a remarkable tapestry of historical landmarks and cultural heritage.

The capital city, Istanbul, epitomizes this cultural fusion with its stunning natural scenery and architectural wonders. It is home to iconic sites such as the Hagia Sophia, symbolizing the harmony between Christianity and Islam, the Topkapi Palace, former seat of Ottoman royalty, and the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, housing treasures from across the ages.

Beyond its cultural achievements, Turkey boasts breathtaking natural landscapes, from the vibrant Mediterranean coastline in Antalya to the majestic mountains and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. Natural thermal pools in Pamukkale, with their turquoise mineral-rich waters cascading over white travertine terraces, create a unique natural spectacle.

Turkish cuisine is an integral part of the travel experience, featuring delights like kebabs, mezze, baklava, and şarap (wine), offering not only delicious flavors but also insights into the rich culinary heritage of the region.

4. Portugal

Traveling to Portugal in the summer is a fantastic choice for several compelling reasons. The weather during this season is typically pleasant with little rain, making it ideal for exploring historic cities like Lisbon and Porto. Additionally, you can enjoy the stunning beaches of Algarve and partake in water sports such as diving and surfing.

Summer is also the season for vibrant cultural and music festivals in Portugal, such as Festival F and NOS Alive, offering unique cultural experiences for visitors. Notably, Portuguese cuisine with its fresh seafood dishes and delightful desserts is another highlight not to be missed.

To find affordable flights for this summer getaway, it's advisable to book tickets early, preferably 2 to 3 months in advance, to secure the best fares. Keep an eye on flight booking websites and airlines' social media channels to catch special promotions and discounts. Flexibility with travel dates can also help you find cheaper tickets on less popular travel days.


5. Germany

If you're planning a summer trip to Europe, Germany is a destination you shouldn't miss. With its majestic natural beauty, rich historical architecture, and diverse culture, Germany captivates visitors with a wide range of experiences from vibrant cities to serene countryside.

The capital city, Berlin, shines with its historical narratives and contemporary art scene, featuring landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and the Pergamon Museum. Munich is famous for the Oktoberfest beer festival and the splendid Nymphenburg Palace. Cologne charms visitors with the Cologne Cathedral and the romantic Rhine River scenery.

For those seeking relaxation and nature exploration, the Black Forest with its vast pine forests and picturesque traditional villages is an ideal choice. Don't forget to indulge in local specialties such as German sausages and lager beer at traditional beer halls.

With such diverse and rich experiences, Germany promises to offer you a fantastic and memorable summer vacation.

6. France

France, renowned for its rich culture and long history, is an ideal destination for art, cuisine, and stunning natural landscapes.

Paris, the romantic capital with the iconic Eiffel Tower, grand avenues like Champs-Élysées, and the historic architecture of Versailles Palace, is a top attraction. Beyond Paris, visitors can discover cities like Nice, with its vibrant azure coastline, and the picturesque villages of Provence known for their lavender fields.

France is also celebrated for its diverse and exquisite culinary culture. You can indulge in iconic dishes such as baguette bread, delicious cheeses, and renowned wines from regions like Burgundy and Bordeaux. Moreover, exploring the vineyard-covered valleys of Loire and Alsace offers a deeper immersion into France's esteemed winemaking heritage.

With a convenient transportation network, travelers can easily explore cultural landmarks, historical sites like Normandy's beaches, and UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Mont-Saint-Michel, and the ancient Roman amphitheater in Lyon. France truly offers unforgettable experiences for those who love art, history, and gastronomy.

Travel to Paris, FranceTravel to Paris, France

7. Greece

Traveling to Greece promises an unforgettable journey through a land steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. Greece is renowned for its ancient civilization, stunning islands, Mediterranean cuisine, and warm hospitality.

Athens, the capital city, is a captivating blend of ancient and modern. The Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, dominates the skyline with its iconic Parthenon, offering a glimpse into Greece's glorious past. Wander through the historic Plaka neighborhood, visit the Ancient Agora, and explore the National Archaeological Museum for deeper insights into Greek history and art.

Beyond Athens, Santorini is perhaps Greece's most famous island, renowned for its breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean Sea and distinctive white-washed buildings with blue domes. Mykonos offers a vibrant nightlife scene along with picturesque windmills and beautiful beaches. Crete, the largest Greek island, boasts stunning landscapes ranging from rugged mountains to pristine beaches and ancient Minoan ruins.

For history enthusiasts, a visit to Delphi is a must. Located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, Delphi was once considered the center of the world in ancient Greek mythology and is home to the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Delphi Archaeological Museum.

Greece's culinary scene is a delight for food lovers, with fresh seafood, grilled meats, Greek salads, and delicious pastries like baklava and loukoumades. Don't miss the opportunity to savor traditional Greek dishes at local tavernas and restaurants.

Whether you're exploring ancient ruins, lounging on sun-drenched beaches, or enjoying vibrant city life, Greece offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to every traveler's interests. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm Mediterranean climate, Greece is truly a destination that captivates and inspires.


8. England

Travel to England is a diverse and rich experience, attracting millions of visitors from around the world each year. With its long history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural landscapes, England offers travelers a wealth of exciting things to explore. The capital, London, is famous for its iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. Additionally, the mysterious ancient stone structure, Stonehenge in Wiltshire, always intrigues history and archaeology enthusiasts. The two world-renowned university cities, Oxford and Cambridge, impress not only with their educational excellence but also with their ancient architecture and long-standing history.

In terms of culture and the arts, the West End theater district in London is a must-visit destination with its stage performances, plays, and musicals. Museums and galleries like Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the National Gallery are also attractive spots. Major events and festivals such as the Glastonbury Music Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, and many other cultural events are vibrant and draw large crowds.

England is also renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes. The Lake District National Park, with its stunning lakes and mountains, the picturesque countryside of the Cotswolds with its charming villages and peaceful scenery, and Cornwall, known for its beautiful beaches and surfing activities, are ideal destinations for nature lovers.

English cuisine is diverse and rich, featuring traditional dishes like fish and chips, the tradition of afternoon tea with various sweet and savory pastries, and numerous Michelin-starred restaurants known for their high-quality and diverse cuisine. Shopping enthusiasts can indulge in the famous brands on bustling streets like Oxford Street and Regent Street, or explore popular markets such as Camden and Borough.

Additionally, England is home to many famous football clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Matches in the Premier League always attract a large number of fans. The Wimbledon tennis tournament is also one of the most prestigious tennis events in the world. Tourism in England not only offers rich cultural and historical experiences but also opens up opportunities to explore beautiful nature and participate in diverse recreational activities. With the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, England is certainly an ideal destination for all travelers.

9. Czech Republic

Traveling to the Czech Republic in the summer is a wonderful experience, offering a rich blend of history, culture, natural beauty, and vibrant urban life. The capital city, Prague, is a must-visit destination with its Old Town Square showcasing Gothic and Baroque architecture, the famous Charles Bridge, the expansive Prague Castle, and the unique Astronomical Clock. Visitors can also take river cruises on the Vltava River to enjoy the city from a different perspective. The city of Český Krumlov, with its Český Krumlov Castle and Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a charming old-world beauty and the picturesque Vltava River for canoeing and rafting. Karlovy Vary, renowned for its hot springs and the International Film Festival in July, is an ideal destination for those who enjoy relaxation and culture. Brno, with Spilberk Castle, Villa Tugendhat (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, is also worth exploring. For nature lovers, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park with Europe's largest natural sandstone arch, Pravčická Brána, is perfect for hiking and biking.

While exploring the Czech Republic, travelers should be aware of some practical information. The official currency is the Czech Koruna (CZK), and English is widely spoken in tourist areas, but knowing a few basic Czech phrases can be very helpful. Summer here is generally warm, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F), so travelers should pack light clothing, comfortable shoes, and a light jacket for cooler evenings. The public transportation system is well-developed, with trains and buses conveniently connecting various destinations. In major cities like Prague, trams and the metro are convenient options. Czech culture values politeness, so a simple greeting like "Dobrý den" (Good day) when entering shops or restaurants will be appreciated.

Summer in the Czech Republic is also filled with exciting events and festivals such as the Prague Proms (June to July), a classical music festival in Prague, Colours of Ostrava (July), a vibrant music festival in Ostrava, and the Bohemia Jazz Fest (July), a free jazz festival held in various cities. Don't forget to enjoy Czech cuisine with dishes like Svíčková, Guláš, Trdelník, and the famous Pilsner beer. Enjoying these dishes will give you a deeper understanding of the unique culinary traditions and culture of the Czech Republic. Your summer trip to the Czech Republic is sure to be filled with memorable experiences and exciting adventures.

Czech RepublicCzech Republic

General tips for finding cheap plane tickets

To find cheap airfare for your summer trip to Europe, apply the following tips to save costs and enjoy a fantastic vacation:

- Be flexible with your timing: One of the key factors in finding cheap airfare is flexibility with your travel dates and times. Typically, flights are cheaper on midweek days like Tuesday and Wednesday compared to weekends. Additionally, flights at less popular times such as early morning or late night tend to be more affordable. Try to be flexible in choosing your travel dates and times to optimize your savings.

- Monitor airfare prices: Use fare tracking tools like Google Flights and Hopper to get notifications when ticket prices drop. These tools help you monitor price trends and notify you immediately when there are good deals. This way, you won’t miss out on opportunities to purchase cheap tickets and can make timely decisions.

- Book early: Plan to book your flights as early as possible, ideally at least 2-3 months in advance. Booking early not only gives you more flight options but also allows you to take advantage of lower prices. Airfare typically increases as the departure date approaches, so booking early is an effective way to save money.

- Utilize promotional programs: Sign up for newsletters from airlines and follow their promotional programs, discount codes, and special sales. Many airlines have seasonal promotions or holiday sales, offering opportunities to buy tickets at discounted prices. Don’t hesitate to use discount codes or join loyalty programs to accumulate reward points.

- Check multiple websites: Use fare comparison websites like Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo to find the best prices from various airlines. These websites allow you to compare prices from multiple sources, giving you an overview and helping you choose tickets at the most reasonable prices. Sometimes, the fares on these websites are even lower than those offered directly by the airlines.

- Be flexible with departure and arrival locations: Sometimes flying from or to a nearby airport can be cheaper than the main airport. Check the fares from nearby airports and consider alternative routes to make your trip more cost-effective.

- Use reward points and miles: If you are a member of an airline's loyalty program, take advantage of your reward points and miles to book flights. This can help you save significantly or even get free tickets.

If you choose to travel with HoaBinh Airlines, you will enjoy all these benefits without any worries. With our comprehensive services and customer-focused approach, we ensure you get the best deals and a hassle-free travel experience. 

Have a memorable trip!