Top 5 Places to visit in Northwest Vietnam

Northwest tourism is one of the most interesting experiences for tourists in Vietnam. The Northwest combines unspoiled natural beauty, diverse culture, and unique travel experiences. Here are the top 5 places you must visit in the Northwest, along with things to note for a safe trip, which HoaBinh Airlines shares with you.

1. Sapa, Lao Cai 

Located on the highland limestone mountains of Northwest Vietnam, Sapa is like a natural paradise with poetic and majestic landscapes. The layer of fog crept along the houses and green terraced fields, creating a mysterious mist. When the rice is ripe in autumn, those fields will turn from green to yellow, creating a bright, shiny picture. The ripe rice season usually starts in August or September. This is the best period for tourists to visit here.

Surrounded by high mountains and green valleys with terraced fields, Sapa town has an architectural beauty that blends traditional ethnic style with modern French influence. That image creates a unique and interesting space. Coming to Sapa, visitors will feel better when they are immersed in the lifestyle and culture of the indigenous peoples. It is impossible not to mention famous attractions such as Fansipan Peak, Sapa Heaven Gate, etc.

A corner of Sapa town - a place to find peace and luxury

2. Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

Yen Bai has a diverse landscape, from high mountains to deep valleys, beautiful waterfalls, and green fields. Yen Bai is famous for many majestic and beautiful attractions, including Mu Cang Chai's terraced rice fields.

As in Sapa, the best time for tourists to visit Mu Cang Chai is when the rice season begins in September. At this time, the climate is cool; you will feel the fresh air, breathe in the scent of grass smoke, and feel the cool breeze of the mountain wind. Mu Cang Chai is the ideal space to find peace and connect with nature in a pristine, pure space. You will be immersed in the cultural diversity of ethnic groups.

Mu Cang Chai - a breathtaking destination located in Yen Bai Province

3. Dong Van, Ha Giang

Ha Giang is located in the northern corner of the country. Ha Giang is famous for the majestic beauty of the valleys and mountains and the magical beauty of the flowers that bloom every season. These include the pure white banyan and apricot flowers on the Dong Van plateau, peach blossoms in Lung Cu in spring, and buckwheat flowers in full autumn. The best time to visit the "paradise" of buckwheat flowers is October through November.

Buckwheat flowers, a signature flower in Ha Giang

4. Moc Chau, Son La

As a natural gem, Moc Chau is an attractive place for those who want to enjoy peaceful space and natural beauty. Moc Chau's landscape includes green mountains, immense pine forests, clear blue lakes, and pristine waterfalls. This is the ideal environment to enjoy the natural space and do activities such as trekking, climbing, and visiting waterfalls.

Each season in Moc Chau has its own beauty; you can come to this small town at any time of the year. However, the ideal time to visit here is between September and February next year, i.e., winter and spring. This is the time of the brilliant flower seasons; Moc Chau is famous for fields of white canola flowers in winter or plum and apricot flowers in spring.

 The natural beauty of Moc Chau

5. Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Mai Chau Valley is surrounded by massive limestone ranges. Mai Chau Valley possesses the beauty of green nature, mountains, and fresh air. The weather in Mai Chau is not too hot; it is surrounded by mountains and forests. The climate is mild and pleasant.

Therefore, visitors can choose to come at any time of the year. However, for the best experience, the ideal time to go to Mai Chau is from October to December and March to April; this is the time of festivals and blooming flowers.

 Mai Chau is a charming and idyllic destination nestled in the heart of Hoa Binh province

Tips for a safe in Northwest Vietnam trip

Stay up-to-date with the weather forecast and be well prepared

Much of the Northwest has rough terrain. You should learn carefully about where you plan to travel and always update the weather forecast to adjust your travel plan flexibly. Avoid going into places with too much fog or rough conditions, and visibility will affect you.

Choose the right time

The Northwest region, with its rugged terrain and harsh weather, is not always mild. Therefore, choosing the right time to travel is a very important factor in having the most memorable experience. This will also help you ensure your safety while traveling and participating in activities during your trip.

Choose a reliable vehicle and travel agency

Choosing a quality travel agency is very important if you intend to go on a tour. It directly affects your experience, ensuring safety and satisfaction during the trip. 

They have the experience to plan travel to help you have the best experience. Customers will have more peace of mind because the travel agency provides a full range of services, including insurance packages, vehicles, and other customer care packages during the trip, helping customers solve the situation effectively and quickly.

Always update the weather forecast and prepare yourself well

As mentioned above, severe weather, such as fog or drizzle, affects safety and causes other inconveniences during the trip. Therefore, you must be constantly updated with the latest weather information and forecasts to prepare for the long trip.

Be respectful of the local culture

Each region and ethnic group has a different culture and local characteristics. Therefore, when visiting new places, visitors must respect the national culture and quickly adapt to local lifestyles and customs to create convenience for both themselves and the other party.

Avoid traveling to deserted and unsafe locations (with or without warning)

The Northwest is known for its rugged terrain and unspoiled scenery. If visitors are not warned and prohibited from going to dangerous areas, the risk of accidents is very likely. Visitors must comply with the regulations and ensure the places where they are allowed to operate are safe for their safety and that of those around them.

Good preparation will help you have a safe and convenient trip

We hope this blog will help you plan for your upcoming trip to the Northwest of Vietnam. If you want to book flight tickets quickly and conveniently, please contact HoaBinh Airlines through the hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.