Top 5 Must-try Dishes in Hanoi for Autumn Taste

Autumn in Hanoi is an exciting and romantic moment that marks the transition to a new identity with a new space and the impressive scent of milk flowers. Autumn is not only a time to enjoy the distinct beauty of Hanoi but also a great time to discover unique and delicious dishes here. Below are the five delicious dishes you must try during this amazing moment, which HoaBinh Airlines shares with you!

Delicious dishes you should try in Hanoi's autumnDelicious dishes you should try in Hanoi's autumn

Young Green Rice Flakes “Com”

"Com" is a type of young glutinous rice processed to create a delicious, sweet, supple taste. Com usually appears in the fall and is best eaten when it is still at its crisp, green, and delicious stage.

The Vong village is considered the traditional origin of nuggets. The nuggets in Vong Village are handmade by taking young glutinous rice, peeling it, and lightly roasting it over a charcoal fire. The roasting process retains the characteristic green color of young glutinous rice and creates a special aroma.

“Com” is an integral part of festivals and anniversaries in Hanoi, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, an important traditional holiday in Vietnam. People often enjoy green rice with cantaloupe seeds, lotus seeds, and other fruits to form a delicious and colorful dessert.

Bring in the traditional cultural values of the Vietnamese people. "Com" is a unique dish connecting the past and the present, showing love and reverence for the country's traditional values.

“Com” can be combined with banana or sweet soup“Com” can be combined with banana or sweet soup


Dracontomelon is a kind of fruit from the north of Vietnam that is popular in Hanoi. Dracontomelon has a compact shape, and its sour and attractive taste make it a local cuisine. 

Dracontomelon has many nutrients, including vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients beneficial to health. Dracontomelon is used to make other foods, such as jam and water or pickled spinach with spinach water.

Sour dracontomelon, pickled with chili salt, is a street food in HanoiSour dracontomelon, pickled with chili salt, is a street food in Hanoi

Floating rice cake and sweet soup

Floating rice cake is a popular dessert on the third day of the Cold Food Festival. The main ingredient is glutinous rice flour, which is stuffed into a small circle to form a crust. Inside the cake is sugar or pureed green beans, which are then boiled in boiling water until the cake floats to form a smooth, round shape.

The floating rice cake is a symbol of the image of Vietnamese women. It embodies gentle, kind, pure, round beauty and the desire to have happiness in life, but it is also strong and tenacious.

Colored floating rice cake with coconut milkColored floating rice cake with coconut milk

Lotus Seed sweet soup

Lotus Seed sweet soup is one of the most popular desserts in Hanoi. This dish combines natural ingredients such as the fleshy taste of fresh lotus seeds and peas and the sweet taste of sugar water and pearls.

Lotus sweet soup is a delicious and frugal dish with many good health effects, such as sedation, cooling, good sleep, and nourishing the body. Lotus sweet soup is a cool, ethereal dish that soothes the hot sun, contributing to the beauty of Ha Thanh cuisine for domestic and foreign tourists.

Lotus sweet soup is really good for your sleepLotus sweet soup is really good for your sleep

Egg coffee

As one of the most popular drinks in recent years, egg coffee attracts tourists and locals with its wonderful combination of bitter coffee and greasy fresh eggs. The layer of raw egg beaten with fresh cream and sugar on black coffee creates the harmony and uniqueness of the famous street food.

To enjoy egg coffee, you can go to traditional coffee shops like Giang Cafe, Dinh Cafe, etc. Egg coffee, established in 1940, is a drink and part of Hanoians' historical and spiritual story.

Egg coffee is made of egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and robusta coffeeEgg coffee is made of egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and robusta coffee

These are the five best specialties for your autumn taste. If you want to book cheap flight tickets to Hanoi quickly and conveniently, please contact HoaBinh Airlines through the hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.