Top 10 Best Places you must visit in Vietnam

Vietnam has a rich history, stunning landscapes, a vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. It offers a wide range of attractions and experiences for travelers. Below, HoaBinh Airlines will introduce to the top 10 best places to visit in Vietnam.

Hanoi Old Quarter - Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoi Old Quarter, which has 36 streets, is one of the most attractive places for tourists because of its ancient and traditional beauty, but it is also the bustling center of Hanoi's capital. Each street is a traditional craft village specializing in a specific industry, such as Hang Bac, Hang Bong, Hang Tre, etc.

Located in the heart of Hanoi's capital, Hoan Kiem Lake has a fresh and peaceful atmosphere revered by tradition and history. Around here are walking paths shaded by ancient trees and bridges, communal houses, towers, and pagodas, creating a beautiful landscape. The most prominent feature is the Turtle Tower, which stands on a small island in the middle of the lake. People gather around the lake to relax, exercise, or enjoy the peaceful space.

The ancient town and Hoan Kiem Lake are now connected by a pedestrian street around the lake, a space for locals and visitors to relax, entertain, and enjoy beautiful moments with friends and family.

Hanoi has a beauty that is both ancient and modern, making many tourists flutterHanoi has a beauty that is both ancient and modern, making many tourists flutter

Quoc Tu Giam Temple of Literature 

The Quoc Tu Giam Temple of Literature is one of Hanoi and Vietnam's most important historical and cultural monuments. It is one of the country's first distinctive cultural temples and was once Vietnam's oldest university. Before each exam is held, candidates often flock here to pray for luck and success in the exam.

As a quiet and peaceful temple in the heart of the vibrant city, visitors here will enjoy a quiet space, immerse themselves in the traditional space, and learn about Vietnamese educational culture.

Quoc Tu Giam Temple of Literature - a place to uphold the spirit of studiousnessQuoc Tu Giam Temple of Literature - a place to uphold the spirit of studiousness

Sa Pa Terraces

Sa Pa is a famous and attractive tourist destination in the North of Vietnam. In Lao Cai province, Sa Pa has unspoiled beauty, the majestic landscape of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, and unique indigenous countryside.

This place is known for its cool climate, fresh air, and green terraced fields. The rugged terrain is also a place for adventurous travelers to experience subjects such as trekking or other sports to explore the nature of Sapa.

In the middle of the majestic mountains are beautiful small towns with classic French architecture, bustling local markets, and beautiful old-town cafes.

Visitors to Sa Pa will experience the diverse culture of friendly and hospitable ethnic minorities. You will learn about the customs, traditions, and lifestyles of ethnic groups such as the H'Mong, Dao, Tay, and Giay. Their villages are scattered in the mountains and are very limited to the outside world, providing a sense of closeness to nature and cultural identity.

Sapa in the ripe rice season always makes visitors ecstatic every time they come hereSapa in the ripe rice season always makes visitors ecstatic every time they come here

Trang An Scenic Landscape 

Trang An is a beautiful natural scenic area in Ninh Binh Province, Northern Vietnam. It is one of Vietnam's leading natural and cultural heritage sites, and since 2014, Trang An has been recognized by UNESCO as Vietnam's first World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site.

Trang An is famous for its characteristic limestone rock system, turquoise lake, beautiful caves, and stretching rice fields. Visitors can sit on hand-crafted boats going through the clear blue water channels and experience the feeling of being immersed in nature's wild and peaceful beauty. Along the way, visitors will enjoy beautiful vistas of caves, natural wonders, and historical sites.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty, visitors can also visit famous cultural and historical sites in the region, such as Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam from the 10th to 11th centuries, and the ancient pagodas and temples.

Trang An scenic spot - The convergence of mountains and rivers, poetic and majesticTrang An scenic spot - The convergence of mountains and rivers, poetic and majestic

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town is one of Vietnam's unique historical and cultural destinations. It is located in Quang Nam province, about 30 kilometers south of Da Nang City. Attracting visitors' attention for its ancient beauty, Hoi An was a vibrant commercial capital from the 15th to the 19th centuries and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site since 1999.

One of the ideal times to experience the culture here is at night. At this time, Hoi An old town becomes a fun neighborhood with shops opening, shimmering lanterns, and unique cultural events. Visitors can participate in folk art performances, taste local dishes, shop for traditional crafts, and even have the chance to take craft courses.

Hoi An Ancient Town - a favorite destination for international touristsHoi An Ancient Town - a favorite destination for international tourists

Ha Long Bay 

Located in the Northeast region of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay has been recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1994 and is one of the New Natural Wonders of the World. Ha Long Bay has beautiful scenery, with thousands of large and small limestone islands stretching across the turquoise sea. Limestone islands often have unique shapes, forming majestic and mysterious landscapes. The turquoise river valley and rich landscape caves are the outstanding highlights of Ha Long Bay.

One of the most popular activities when traveling to Ha Long Bay is taking a cruise on the bay. Visitors will experience the feeling of being immersed in the wild, fresh, and relaxing space of the sea and limestone. The cruise stops at attractions such as Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, and Bai Tu Long Beach, where visitors can explore diverse and exciting landscapes.

In addition, visitors can also participate in recreational activities and sea sports such as kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, or playing games on the sand. In particular, one of the most memorable experiences is watching the sunset over the sea, when the sun sets over the limestone, creating a beautiful and romantic scene.

Ha Long Bay always affirms the top position of the world's natural wondersHa Long Bay always affirms the top position of the world's natural wonders

Hue Imperial City

Hue's ancient capital has a rich and unique cultural heritage, with royal architecture, palaces, temples, pagodas, and other historical works. Hue's Ancient Capital has many notable monuments, such as the Citadel (royal palace), Hue Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, and Minh Mang Tomb.

The Citadel, also known as the imperial palace, was where the emperor ruled and was the center of power of the Nguyen dynasty. Hue Citadel is a large campus with many unique and monumental architectures imbued with the culture and history of the Vietnamese nation. Royal mausoleums are also notable works of art, with tombs and mausoleums constructed with delicacy and respect for deceased monarchs.

Not only does Hue have a historical heritage, but it is also famous for its unique cuisine and exquisite taste in royal dishes. Banh Khot, Banh Beo, Bun Bo Hue, and Hue Bread are typical local delicacies.

With its historical beauty and unique palace architecture, Hue attracts millions of visitors every year worldwide. When coming to Hue, visitors will experience the historical and cultural beauty and feel the modern rhythm of life in a diverse and developing city.

Hue Ancient Capital - A land rich in cultural and historical values loved by many touristsHue Ancient Capital - A land rich in cultural and historical values loved by many tourists

Phong Nha - Ke Bang

Located in the Quang Binh Province of central Vietnam, Phong Nha Cave is an enchanting system of caves and limestone architecture resulting from millions of years of creation.

Phong Nha tourism also offers visitors exciting activities such as taking a tour to explore caves, swim in the Chay River, or enjoy the majestic and attractive natural landscape. If you love exploring nature, Phong Nha Cave is a destination not to be missed.

In addition, the Phong Nha - Ke Bang area also has many other limestone caves with incredible natural beauty, such as Paradise, Son Doong (the world's largest cave), and many more. This tourist destination promises to bring visitors unique and unforgettable experiences with the magical beauty of Vietnam's nature.

Phong Nha - Ke Bang - Nature's best giftPhong Nha - Ke Bang - Nature's best gift

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a wonderfully beautiful island in South Vietnam and a famous and popular tourist destination. "Pearl Island," Phu Quoc, attracts visitors to its fine white sand, fresh blue sea, unspoiled natural landscape and diverse marine ecosystems.

Visitors will be able to discover and experience exciting activities in Phu Quoc, such as participating in activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Phu Quoc is also known as a tropical forest ecosystem with many diverse and rare species of flora and fauna.

At night, "Pearl Island" Phu Quoc is more vibrant than ever because of the night market atmosphere, where visitors can enjoy local dishes, shop for souvenirs, and enjoy cultural performances.

Phu Quoc is also famous for its luxury resorts and professional travel services; this island promises to bring visitors exciting and relaxing experiences between nature and the sea.

Phu Quoc - The beautiful pearl island attracts thousands of tourists every yearPhu Quoc, the beautiful pearl island, attracts thousands of tourists every year

Western Region

Western River is a unique and fascinating land in South Vietnam, surrounded by abundant rivers and canals. This region is famous for its majestic river landscape, with green rice fields, diverse orchards, and the rustic life of the people along the river.

This area has a reasonably stable and temperate climate throughout the year's four seasons. The golden time to travel here lasts from July to November, which is the floating season of the year, so tourists often come here the most around this time.

Visitors will experience the authentic daily life on the river of a Westerner. They mainly make a living by boat and ferry on the canals. It possesses excellent natural resources, including seafood, rice, and tropical fruits and vegetables.

Besides, because of the diversity of the population and ethnic groups in the area (the Kinh, the Cham, the Chinese, the Khmer, etc.), the cuisine also has a harmonious blend, unique and special, and many delicious and strange dishes have been created on this land.

Traveling to the West River allows visitors to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, relax in nature, and discover the unique culture of the riverside people.

Come to the West River to experience many interesting activities with the simple people hereCome to the West River to experience many interesting activities with the simple people here

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