Tips to hunt for super cheap Saigon - Hue air tickets in 2023

Hue is a famous ancient capital with ancient and poetic beauty that makes anyone want to visit at least once. Perfume River, Ngu Mountain, or Royal Court Music are all famous symbols that remind people of this dreamland. This year's travel season, let HoaBinh Airlines suggest tip to hunt for super cheap to Saigon - Hue air tickets!

Overview of Saigon Hue air tickets

1. Airlines flying to Saigon Hue

Currently, there are 4 airlines operating flights to Hue from Saigon: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways, and Pacific Airlines. Flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue have a total frequency of 12 flights per day.

In addition, Saigon Hue flight schedules can be adjusted by airlines to meet passengers' travel needs. With high frequency, the ticket price for each Saigon Hue flight only ranges from 99,000 VND to 1,018,000 VND (excluding taxes and fees).

2. Distance and flight time from Saigon to Hue

From Ho Chi Minh City, passengers have to travel about 1,028 km by air or about 933 km by road and rail to reach Hue. If using a plane, it will take about 1 hour 25 minutes to 1 hour 35 minutes from Tan Son Nhat airport before landing at Phu Bai airport.

Suggested channels to buy cheap online tickets

To be able to own a Saigon Hue airline ticket at a good price, one of the methods that many tourists choose is to buy directly at the airline's website. Currently, airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways, and Pacific Airlines all provide online ticket booking systems, so you can access and buy tickets easily and conveniently.

After filling in all the information and finding a suitable ticket, customers will not only receive free ticket issuance but will also be supported with a variety of payment methods. The most optimal utility that this form of online ticket booking brings is the ability to automatically issue electronic invoices and support online check-in to save time.

In addition, customers can choose to buy air tickets from Saigon to Hue at quite good prices at reputable travel agencies such as Agoda, Traveloka, Booking, etc. These channels specialize in supporting customers in searching for and booking tickets.

Airplanes book hotels/ motels online with partners who are reputable airlines, as well as domestic and international hotel units. You can completely freely choose to book tickets on the website or through mobile applications without having to register as a member.

Instructions for moving at the airport

Travel from the city center to Tan Son Nhat airport

From the center of Ho Chi Minh City, there are many ways to get to Tan Son Nhat airport; the most popular is still a taxi, thanks to the convenience and speed that this means brings. You can easily catch a taxi anywhere in the city, or you can book a technology taxi with an average price of only 100,000 VND.

In addition to taxis, passengers can take traditional motorbike taxis or technology motorbike taxis to the airport if they are alone and bring little luggage. This option has an extremely affordable price of only about 50,000 VND for a trip from the city center to the airport.

Another option for tourists to consider is the bus. Passengers can take bus routes 109, 119, 152, 159, etc. to get to the airport. And don't worry, because catching a bus in Saigon is as easy as catching a taxi or motorcycle taxi.

Travel from Phu Bai airport to the city center

After landing at Phu Bai airport, passengers can choose from several forms of transportation to the city center:

  • Taxi: You can easily catch a taxi with all the car companies, such as: Phu Xuan Taxi, Thanh Hung Taxi, Thanh Do Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, etc. With only about 200,000 VND and 10 to 20 minutes by car, you have arrived in Hue city center.
  • Bus: If you bring little luggage and want to save on travel costs, choose the bus for only 20,000 VND per person per trip. However, there is a small minus point, which is that you have to move to the airport intersection to catch the bus.
  • Motorbike: If you are tired after a period of time on the plane and want to enjoy the fresh air and city scenery, you can absolutely use the motorbike rental service. With a motorbike, you can actively travel around every corner and admire the beauty of Hue city. The cost of renting a car is 150,000 VND per day, you can rent and arrange for delivery right at the airport.

Hue travel review

If you come to Hue just for the purpose of visiting without trying the dishes and gifts that are rich in Hue flavor, then oh well, you have missed more than half of the meaning of the trip.

Hue specialties always bring visitors unforgettable aftertaste because of the characteristic spicy flavor mixed in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Join Ttravel to list famous delicious dishes of Hue such as mussel rice, Hue beef noodle soup, beo cake, nam cake, etc.

Hotels in Hue also carry a quiet and gentle atmosphere like the pace of life here. Therefore, choosing to stay at cheap and beautiful accommodation locations in Hue will partly make your trip more complete and meaningful than ever.

Finally, we can't help but mention the tips for finding cheap air tickets to Hue, right? To have the opportunity to own the best airline tickets, you should actively buy early and pay attention to the time of buying tickets to avoid high prices. Besides, "watching" the airlines' golden hours to buy cheap tickets is an equally interesting secret.

Above are the little tips that Ttravel would like to introduce to you for your trip to Saigon - Hue. Hopefully with HoaBinh Airlines's sharing, you will quickly buy yourself a flight ticket to Saigon Hue at the best price!