Tips to help avoid lost luggage when flying during peak Tet holidays seasons

Nowadays, the situation of lost luggage when going to the airport during peak season is increasing, making many people confused. Please join HoaBinh Airlines to answer all questions about this issue right now.

Why does airport luggage often get lost during the peak holiday season?

Luggage loss at the airport often occurs during the peak holiday season due to a number of main reasons:

Increase passenger numbers

During the peak holiday season, the number of passengers using airline services increases significantly due to the need to travel and visit relatives during this occasion. Large numbers of passengers at the airport can lead to an overload of airport systems and baggage handling processes.

Airports are important destinations

Some airports, such as major airports in major cities or airports near popular tourist attractions, often become important destinations during the Tet holiday season. This airport may not be designed to cope with a sudden increase in passenger numbers.

Easily confused

During the holiday season, many pieces of luggage come from a large number of people and may look similar. This can lead to luggage being mixed up or changed.

Traffic jam

Traffic congestion at airports and around them can cause delays in baggage handling and deliveries. This can lead to luggage getting lost or not arriving at the correct location.

Weather factors

Bad weather can cause delays in flights and baggage handling. This can increase the risk of lost luggage during the holiday season, when inclement weather often occurs.

Therefore, to minimize the risk of lost luggage during the peak holiday season, passengers should comply with luggage regulations, check their luggage carefully before sending it, and make sure their name and address are recorded right on the luggage.

Good tips to help avoid lost luggage

If you are also preparing to return home to celebrate Tet or travel during the Lunar New Year, don't forget to save the following important tips to help avoid lost luggage!

Remove old luggage labels

Over-sticking or forgetting to apply a new label can make your luggage easily misplaced on other flights. Before each flight, check and peel off all old stickers to ensure your luggage is not confused and lost.

Paste your name, phone number, and address

Writing specific information on your luggage helps you easily distinguish when your luggage is disturbed in crowded conditions during Tet, but it also gives you the opportunity to quickly retrieve your luggage in case it is lost.

Add large stickers and tie colorful straps in your own way around the luggage

This makes a difference in your luggage; you will easily identify your luggage being returned on the conveyor belt or find your luggage in case it is lost.

Do not contain valuables in checked baggage

Airlines still regularly advise passengers not to leave valuable items in checked baggage, such as phones, laptops, gold, money, etc. Because the unfortunate damages that occur will be greater than the amount you are compensated by the company.

Choose a brightly colored suitcase

Instead of choosing dark colored suitcases or simple suitcases, you can choose red, yellow, pink, orange, etc. suitcases to easily find them on the conveyor belt.

Buy a GPS tracker

If your luggage has a lot of value inside, you can invest in a GPS tracker. This is a smart device allowed by airlines to help you manage, monitor, and find your luggage anywhere.

Take a photo and save your luggage

Remembering and saving pictures of the items you bring will help you check whether your luggage is enough or not. If it is unfortunately lost, the airline staff will ask you to provide information and identification characteristics of your luggage. Therefore, this is extremely important because it is proof that you work with the baggage handling and delivery department at the airport.

Hopefully, the above information on tips to help avoid lost luggage when flying during peak season will be useful to you. HoaBinh Airlines wishes you a smooth, complete, and joyful flight during the peak holiday and Tet season! For any information you need advice on, please contact our hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for dedicated support.