Tips for Pregnant Women when Traveling by Plane

Traveling by plane is not easy for pregnant women. However, if the trip is planned and carefully prepared, HoaBinh Airlines believes that pregnant mothers will experience a safe and smooth flight.

Does traveling by plane affect the fetus?

Currently, airlines ensure that cabin pressure levels are always safe and will not affect both mother and child. In addition, the respiratory rate of pregnant women may increase for a short time during takeoff and landing but will be stable for the rest of the flight. Therefore, pregnant women do not need to worry too much about whether flying will affect the fetus.

What do pregnant mothers need to pay attention to when flying?

To have the best and safest trip, Hoa Binh Airlines gives you some notes and tips that you can apply when flying!

  • Consult your doctor before planning to fly

For pregnant women with diseases such as asthma or diabetes, they should meet with their doctor for advice on how best to prepare for their health.

  • Choose a reasonable flight time

The safest time for pregnant women to fly is around 13–28 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the symptoms of morning sickness and fatigue have reduced, and the waist size is still small enough for pregnant mothers to move around conveniently. Pregnant mothers should not fly after this time, especially close to their due date, if it is not absolutely necessary or urgent.

  • Exercise gently

Gentle exercise by the mother will help maintain stable blood flow to the fetus. On long flights, low cabin pressure can cause a pregnant woman's heart rate and blood pressure to increase. Sitting for a long time can also cause pregnant mothers to experience cramps or stiffness. Therefore, passengers need to occasionally move or massage their eyes, wrists, and body movements to help blood circulation and reduce swelling and fatigue for mothers.

Gentle exercise will help pregnant women's bodies circulate blood and reduce fatigue during the flight

  • Always drink water during the flight

Severe morning sickness causes pregnant mothers to become very dehydrated. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to constantly replenish water to ensure their health during the flight.

  • Bring necessary items

On every long trip, it is extremely important to bring necessary items to help ensure the health of pregnant mothers and solve necessary cases. Mothers need to bring medical items such as medical socks, motion sickness medicine, personal items, and, most importantly, documents to board the plane.

  • Proactively contact the airline when needing support

When there are any problems that need assistance, passengers should proactively call flight attendants and accompanying relatives to resolve them as quickly as possible. Customers should also fully comply with all airline regulations to have a safe and comfortable flight.

  • Avoid eating certain foods

Before flying, pregnant mothers need to avoid eating certain foods that cause gas accumulation, such as beans, vegetables, carbonated drinks, or dairy products.

Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to their diet when traveling by plane

What do pregnant women need to prepare when flying?

When flying during pregnancy, there are a few important things that pregnant women need to do to ensure their safety and comfort. Here is a list of things to prepare:

  • Talk to your doctor:

Before you fly, discuss it with your doctor or medical professional. They can provide specific advice based on your medical condition and current month of pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy check-up card:

If necessary, ask your doctor for a pregnancy check-up sheet, recording your health and information related to the fetus. This can be useful if you need to prove your status while flying.

  • Flight time:

Consider choosing a flight time that is appropriate for the stage of your pregnancy. The second and third months of pregnancy are usually the best times to fly, as the risks are higher during the first and second stages of pregnancy.

  • Review airline requirements:

Check the policy of the airline you will be using. Some airlines have specific rules about flying while pregnant.

  • Medical treatment:

If you are being treated for any medical problems during your pregnancy, make sure you have all the necessary medications and information in your hand luggage.

Please bring with your necessary medications depending on your health condition

  • Hand luggage:

Make sure you have all the essentials in your carry-on, including useful items like drinking water, neck pillows, books, and stress- and fatigue-relieving devices.

  • Comfortable clothes:

Choose comfortable clothes and easily removable skirt layers so you can feel comfortable during the flight.

  • Food and Drink:

Bring light, easy-to-digest foods and drinks to stay hydrated and make sure you don't go hungry.

  • Important Documents:

Carry important documents such as identification cards, passports, tickets, and pregnancy test sheets (if applicable) in an easily accessible bag.

  • Pay attention to your health:

Track how you feel and enjoy the flight. If you feel any health-related problems, immediately notify the cabin crew or airline staff.

Finally, remember that every pregnancy is different, so always discuss it with your doctor before flying and follow the airline's recommendations and regulations.

All pregnant women need to take care of their health, especially when traveling by plane

Safety rules for pregnant women traveling by plane

Most airlines' regulations in Vietnam allow the transportation of pregnant women under 32 weeks. However, each airline has different requirements. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to learn and research the regulations of the airline they will be traveling with to choose the most suitable service package for themselves.

In addition, pregnant women need to bring mandatory documents when flying, such as identification documents (citizen identification card, passport, driver's license, airline ticket, etc.) and health documents (pregnancy examination certificate, health certificate from a doctor, ultrasound paper, etc.).

HoaBinh Airlines hopes that pregnant women will feel more secure when traveling by plane after reading the above article. If you want to book flight tickets quickly and conveniently, please contact us through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.