Tips for getting to the airport on time and what to do if passengers miss their flight

Missing a flight is something no one wants, so every passenger should consult tips for getting to the airport on time before each schedule to avoid encountering "difficult" situations. In addition, the handbook on how to fix and handle it if, unfortunately, you actually miss your flight is also important information that needs to be carefully prepared. Follow the article below with HoaBinh Airlines now.

Useful tips for getting to the airport on time that passengers should "take to heart"

1. There is careful preparation before each trip

If you want to get to the airport on time, you must definitely prepare carefully in advance; this will help your journey start more smoothly. You and your loved ones should pack your luggage about 1-2 days in advance to make sure you don't miss any important items, and if you need to bring more clothes, items, etc., you will have plenty of time to add them. .

Making a list of necessary items to bring makes organizing easier and avoids forgetting important items. In particular, if you plan to buy more items at a tourist destination, you need to leave behind unnecessary items to leave space in your suitcase.

Passengers should carefully read the regulations on items that are and are not allowed to be brought on the plane to avoid causing unwanted trouble at the security screening counter. Also, remember to pack your luggage carefully; if you are overweight, you will have to pay extra.

2. Prepare necessary documents

Another effective tip for getting to the airport on time that you should pay attention to is to prepare printed copies of important documents. Passengers should pre-print necessary documents and certificates before each trip so they can always proactively present them instead of opening their phones to look for screenshots or scans.

In addition, checking in at home in advance is an effective way to save time waiting at the airport. Normally, the line of people waiting to check-in at the ticket counter will be very crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons, holidays, etc. If you do not have checked baggage, online check-in will help you skip the waiting step. Wait here and go straight to the screening procedure.

3. Book a shuttle

Booking a shuttle is one of the useful tips for getting to the airport on time that many travelers choose. The driver will usually call you 20–30 minutes before arriving to pick you up. This activity is like a kind of "alarm" to help you have time to prepare and review your luggage.

To get to the airport on time during holidays or peak tourist seasons, you need to be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure time for domestic flights and at least 3 hours for international flights. This helps passengers feel more comfortable during the check-in process, and if something goes wrong, you will have time to find a solution.

4. Pay attention to shopping and dining times at the airport

Many passengers, after completing the check-in procedure, often have the habit of walking around fashion stores, souvenir areas, etc. at the airport or finding a place to eat while waiting. Even though you have plenty of time, you should still pay attention to timing to get to the boarding gate on time.

Many large airports can take passengers 15–20 minutes to find the boarding gate. Some airports do not even broadcast loudspeaker announcements about gate changes or departure times, so you need to pay attention to signs or announcements from flight attendants to promptly move according to instructions.

What to do if passengers miss their flights

Besides tips for getting to the airport on time, passengers should also learn important information related to how to fix and handle problems if they don't miss their flight.

1. Seek help

If you arrive at the airport close to or late, don't hesitate to ask the staff to help speed up the check-in process, screening, and guidance on getting to the boarding gate.

In case you miss your flight, you need to stay calm and proactively find ways to fix it.

  • Error on your part: Passengers need to quickly contact the airline's switchboard or ticket purchasing agent to notify them that they cannot board the plane due to force majeure. After that, you need to ask the airline to put you on a waiting list for the next flights to the same destination. If the next flight is available, you can pay the difference to own a ticket (depending on airline policy and ticket type). However, if, unfortunately, your ticket is non-refundable, the only way is to buy a new ticket.
  • Error from the airline: Sometimes, due to weather or personnel reasons, your flight is delayed or cancelled. Please quickly notify the airline or agent to arrange a suitable itinerary and minimize any harmful losses.

2. Consider other transportation options

Arriving at the airport on time will avoid many unwanted situations. However, if you unfortunately miss your flight due to a personal error, you need to proactively contact the airline to help resolve the matter. In case the airline does not allow rebooking the itinerary or the compensation is too high, you should consider a safer option, such as buying a cheap ticket from another airline or accepting to fly on another day that does not affect the schedule too much. domestic/international travel.

Besides, if you must travel urgently to be at your destination on time, you should consider choosing other means of transportation, such as a five-bed bus, train, etc.

3. Adjust the schedule with the hotel

Missing your flight will change your travel or business itinerary. You need to immediately contact the hotel to have an adjustment in booking time, shuttle service, etc.

Some hotels allow guests to adjust their requests within a certain period of time before check-in time. You should take advantage of this time to minimize the amount of compensation due to changing the booking date.

Hopefully, the tips for getting to the airport on time and the information on how to overcome and handle situations that HoaBinh Airlines shares above will help you have "solid" luggage before each trip. For any information you need advice on, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for dedicated support.