Tips for booking cheap Bamboo Airways Online and Offline flight tickets

If you are looking for a memorable and convenient experience, booking Bamboo Airways tickets will be your top choice. Let's learn with HoaBinh Airlines about how to book Bamboo Airways online and offline flight tickets through this article.

Top 7 convenient ways to book Bamboo airline tickets online

Booking Bamboo Airways tickets online is one of the most convenient ways to ensure that you get a seat on your desired flight. Below are 7 ways to book Bamboo Airways tickets that you can refer to:

1. Book flight tickets on Bamboo Airways website

Step 1: First, visit the website: Next, choose your departure point, destination, ticket type (round-trip, one-way, or multiple flights), departure date, return date, and number of adults and children (if any). Then, click the “Find flight” button and select the appropriate flight time.

Step 2: On the screen after searching, you will see the ticket price list and ticket classes displayed. Please choose the appropriate ticket class for both departure and return. Once you've made your selection, the screen on the right will display a summary of the total amount payable, including taxes and fees. Then, click the “Next” button.

Step 3: Next, you need to fill in personal information in the data fields. Please note that fields marked with * are required, so make sure to fill in these boxes completely and accurately. Once completed, press the “Next” button to continue.

Note: When buying airline tickets, passengers will fill in their names according to "middle name and first name" first, then "last name".

Step 4: Additional options for the trip. In this section, you can reserve your favorite seat in advance and purchase additional checked baggage scales if needed.

Step 5: After clicking the “Next” button, the information page will display a summary of your journey. Here, please check the information to see if it is correct and choose the appropriate payment method.

Step 6: To complete the flight ticket purchase procedure: Confirm reservation -> Reservation successful

Step 7: After you have successfully booked, Bamboo Airways will send an electronic ticket to your registered email. This ticket will include all relevant information, such as the schedule and electronic ticket code.

If within 1 hour of your successful booking you still have not received the electronic ticket, please contact the hotline at 1900.1166 for support from Bamboo Airways staff or visit the website: to look up electronic ticket information.

2. Book flight tickets online via the Bamboo Airways app

To book flight tickets online via the Bamboo Airways app, follow these steps:

  • Open the Bamboo Airways application
  • Enter departure and arrival locations
  • Select the flight method and enter the departure and return dates, as well as the number of passengers
  • Click to select flight search
  • Choose departure and return flights that suit your needs
  • Fill in passenger information and contact information and select additional services (if necessary)
  • Check your flight itinerary again
  • Select payment method
  • Select to agree to the terms offered by the company
  • Click accept and pay immediately

3. Buy Bamboo airline tickets through the travel application

Currently, there are also many reputable travel applications, such as iVIVU, Traveloka, Agoda, etc., that also integrate online flight ticket booking features. This form is especially beneficial when tourists buy it in conjunction with other travel amenities such as hotels, airport shuttle services, and vacation spots.

4. Book Bamboo Airways flight tickets online through e-wallet

In addition to travel applications, e-wallets such as Momo, VNPay, ZaloPay, ViettelPay, etc. are also integrated with online flight booking features on mobile phones. Booking Bamboo Airways flight tickets via e-wallet or banking application is not only convenient but also provides customers with discounts, points, or refunds.

5. Book Bamboo airline tickets online through banking application

Many banks have integrated the online airline ticket booking feature into Internet banking, that is, the bank's mobile phone application. This helps passengers pay for air tickets easily with just a few simple operations on the phone. Banks that have integrated this feature include Vietcombank, Techcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, BM, TP Bank, etc.

6. Book Bamboo flight tickets via Bee, Grab, and Metasearch applications

In addition, transportation applications such as Bee, Grab, and Metasearch have also been integrated with Bamboo Airways' flight ticket booking feature, with many incentives for you to choose from.

7. Bamboo Airways ticket booking hotline

If you are not familiar with the above ticket booking forms, you can contact the Bamboo Airways ticket booking hotline at:

  • Customer care hotline: 1900.1166
  • Member and Corporate Customer Care Hotline: 1900.1133
  • Email:

Book flight tickets through agents and branches of Bamboo Airways

In addition, visitors can also book air tickets through agents and branches of Bamboo Airways to receive many incentives and attractive policies.

To see a list of Bamboo Airways ticket offices nationwide, visitors can visit:

How to check Bamboo Airways booked flight tickets

There are 3 ways to check flight tickets to confirm Bamboo Airways itinerary information for your reference:

1. Contact hotline: 19001166

To check flight ticket information, you can contact Bamboo Airways switchboard directly via phone number 19001166. When you contact the switchboard, you only need to provide the booking code, and Bamboo Airways will look it up. and provide detailed information about the status of booked airline tickets, passenger information, and flight itinerary.

If there are any errors in passenger information or the itinerary, you can request that Bamboo Airways make the necessary changes.

2. Look up online on the website

To look up electronic air tickets via the website, travelers should follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Bamboo Airways
  • Step 2: Access the booking management function and follow the instructions

3. Check via email to book tickets

After completing the booking process, the system will immediately send an electronic ticket to the email address you registered when purchasing airline tickets online. Therefore, please log in to the email account used to order airline tickets so you can look up detailed flight information recorded on the electronic airline ticket. Through the booking code and booking management function on Bamboo Airways' website, managing flight information becomes very simple and easy.

Experience booking cheap airline tickets with Bamboo Airways

To buy cheap Bamboo Airways tickets, below are some flight ticket booking experiences for your reference.

  • Have a high-speed internet connection device on hand, such as a smartphone, computer, laptop, etc. This helps you save time and have quick access to ticket booking websites.
  • Book up to five tickets at a time to ensure high accuracy and avoid system errors.
  • If the website is overloaded and no information is displayed, log out and try accessing it again after a few minutes. This helps avoid the situation of many people accessing tickets at the same time and increases the likelihood of success when booking tickets.
  • Check your personal information when completing the booking process. This ensures that your information is provided accurately and avoids unnecessary errors.

Questions and answers about buying or booking Bamboo airline tickets

If you have questions about buying or booking Bamboo Airways tickets, please refer to some frequently asked questions below:

1. How do I book a flight ticket with the wrong Bamboo date of birth?

Contact the hotline at 1900.1166 or the agent or ticket office you purchased for advice and support.

2. Can I return a Bamboo airline ticket?

In case you cannot continue your flight as originally planned and need to refund or change your flight ticket for some reason, please contact the place where you purchased the ticket, including representative offices, agents, or authorized ticket offices of Bamboo Airways.

Bamboo Airways will apply the corresponding ticket refund fees. The refund amount will be transferred to the account or card you used to purchase the ticket.

To refund or cancel your ticket, you need to provide information such as your full name, flight date, airline ticket code, flight itinerary, etc., according to the form sent to email from the email address you used to make your booking. buy ticket. Or you can also contact the nearest Bamboo Airways branch or ticket office for support.

To request a refund, you need to send a request from the email address registered during the booking and ticket purchase process. Please note that ticket refund requests will only be accepted when sent from this email address.

If you have paid for your ticket in cash at the ticket office or bank branch, please go to Bamboo Airways' transaction office in Vietnam to proceed with the ticket refund.

3. How to change flight date or time for Bamboo airline tickets

Method 1: Access the website to manage reservations

  • Go to manage reservations, then enter information according to the instructions.
  • Choose to change your flight schedule or rebook your flight
  • Select the flight date you want to change or find
  • Select flight
  • Payment via domestic card or credit card

Method 2: Go through Bamboo Airways ticket office

Please go to the nearest Bamboo Airways ticket office for detailed instructions on the ticket refund process. During the trip, please bring your ID card or passport and an email confirming a successful flight ticket. Staff at the ticket office will support and process your ticket refund request.

* Note: Changes to reservations and itineraries are subject to ticket price conditions.

* The information in this article is for reference only. Please visit the airline's website to update the latest information.

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Booking Bamboo Airways flight tickets through online methods such as websites, banking applications, and mobile applications has brought convenience and speed to travelers. With flexibility and quality service, experience and discover great flights with Bamboo Airways. If you have any questions, please contact HoaBinh Airlines through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.