Tips for booking cheap airline tickets for travel enthusiasts

Nowadays, getting on a flight to travel around is no longer strange to many people. Believers who often travel everywhere by this type of means are surely familiar with questions like "Do you have a gold mine with you or why do you travel so hard?". However, many of them apply a series of tricks to book air tickets at cheaper prices than usual! Let's learn about HoaBinh Airlines a few tips for booking cheap airline tickets that not everyone knows!

Experiment with different countries and currency denominations

Before booking a ticket, check to see if it is sold cheaper on another country's website. You may be able to find cheaper fares for the same cabin and the same flight if you pay in a currency weaker than the dollar or euro. In this case, turning on a VPN will help you hide your identity, so you can freely book tickets.

Choose the cheapest payment method

When it comes to the payment step, most people will click on the first option without paying attention to the service fee. Normally, the transfer procedure is always cheaper than paying by credit card.

Book tickets at a reasonable time

In fact, the perfect time to book tickets is 6–8 weeks before flying. Buying tickets earlier (about 5 months before flying) will also be more expensive. And in most cases, airlines also increase ticket prices if you buy close to the flight date.

Choose flexible flight dates

Obviously, you cannot change pre-arranged flight dates during holidays or major events where you are traveling. However, if possible, fly midweek instead of weekends if you want cheaper fares. This is also the thing that travel enthusiasts often tell each other about the most!

Choose smart flight times

Flights that take off early in the morning or late at night are often cheaper than other peak hours of the day, because obviously no one likes being woken up early in the morning or having to set an alarm to go to the airport at that hour. I should have been lying in bed.

Try other places near where you want to go

Suppose you want to fly to the capital, Amsterdam (Netherlands), but the ticket price is "exorbitantly expensive". Try opening the flight map and discovering if you can land at another nearby airport with a maximum radius of 3 hours by car. At that time, you can catch a bus or train and go to Amsterdam, enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way!

Choose a standard airport

Big cities or capitals all have many airports, and you should not choose airports that are too famous or always crowded with people. Instead, find another airport nearby and check to see if the fare is better. For example, if traveling to England, fly to London Luton airport instead of Heathrow!

Try the "hidden flight" trick

For some reason, there is always a flight from point A to point B that is more expensive than a flight from point A to point C, where point B is a stopover (transit). In that case, book that ticket and get off the plane at point B, also known as "hidden city" in the jargon of cheap airline ticket fanatics.

Check the flight route before booking

When flying through certain countries or certain airspaces, tickets may be more expensive if the country's airline is banned from flying through that area. At that time, it will take a detour, and passengers may have to pay more money!

Clear cookies/ search history or use an incognito site when looking for cheap tickets

Have you noticed that ticket prices often increase when you return to check after a certain period of time? That's because booking sites can store your data and show you a more expensive price. They do this to put pressure on us, and users like us will tend to book quickly in fear that ticket prices will continue to increase.

Follow the airline's fanpage and leave an email to receive price incentives

Most fan pages or airline ticket booking websites have a bell icon and require customers to send their email to receive incentives. Give them your email to be notified about the next ticket discounts. This works great if you have plenty of time to book before flying or fly to the same destination multiple times.

Try booking two one-way tickets instead of round-trip

Usually, tickets are cheaper when you book a round-trip trip. However, there are rare cases where booking two one-way tickets is cheaper than booking one round-trip ticket. So before booking, always consider testing the prices of both methods on many different airlines.

Above are tips for booking cheap air tickets for HoaBinh Airlines travel fans. Hopefully, these tips will help you in the process of hunting for cheap airline tickets to travel. For support, please contact us through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911.