The list of good-cost airlines in Vietnam and around the world

The high demand for travel is also the time when passengers are interested in low-cost airlines to have a safe, comfortable trip while still saving money. Below, HoaBinh Airlines would like to send you a list of good-priced airlines in Vietnam and around the world for your reference.

Good-cost airlines in Vietnam

Vietjet Air

Vietjet Air is the first and most prominent low-cost airline brand in Vietnam. With more than 14 years of operation, this airline is considered a safe airline and has a dense flight network. The airline operates flights in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia, with 380 domestic and international flights per day. Domestic and international flights operate in four main classes: Skyboss, Eco, Promo, and Flexi.

Seating, baggage, and food services are very diverse to meet the needs of passengers. Although the airline has very cheap prices and regularly organizes promotions, it is still highly appreciated for the quality of its flights. Popular promotions are "Vietjet Air promotions every day", "Vietjet at 12 o'clock,"...

Pacific Airlines

Formerly Jetstar Pacific, this low-cost airline is headquartered at Tan Son Nhat airport and is currently a member of the Vietnam Airlines Group. The airline always ensures quality on flights despite having quite cheap prices in all three seat classes: economy economy, economy standard, and economy flexible.

Although prices are still higher than Vietjet Airlines, with a market share mainly operating international routes, Pacific Airlines has done very well, becoming one of the best Vietnamese low-cost airlines on the international route. The regular promotion is a ticket price program of 199,000 VND every Friday.


VASCO (Vietnam Air Services Company - Vietnam Airline Services Company) is also a member of Vietnam Airlines Group. The company only operates short domestic flights, mainly from Ho Chi Minh City to islands such as Con Dao, Ca Mau... or some flights in the North: Hanoi - Dien Bien, Hanoi - Vinh ...with prices from only 300,000VND - 1,500,000VND. Not to mention the airline also regularly launches many promotions, gratitude, shocking discounts...

International good-cost airlines for reference

Ryanair Airlines

Ryanair Airlines is the cheapest airline globally. The lowest ticket price is only about $96, you can go to more than 190 destinations, with luggage up to 15kg. The outstanding advantage is that seats in the economy class also have spacious and comfortable legroom for your entire flight.

Tiger Air

This Singapore airline has prices starting from only $90, including baggage. The airline operates flights to more than 140 destinations around the world and is considered one of the low-cost airlines with good service in the world.


Founded in 1996, AirAsia is still Asia's leading low-cost airline. The airline headquartered in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) currently operates flights to more than 100 destinations around the world, including Vietnam. From Vietnam, passengers can easily go to countries in Southeast Asia with competitive ticket prices while still ensuring quality. The highlight is the perfect dining service with up to 3 meals provided to passengers.

Scoot Air

The low-cost airline is headquartered in Singapore and operates mainly in Asia. In Vietnam, passengers can buy flight tickets from Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City) or Noi Bai (Hanoi) to Singapore, China... Thanks to cheap ticket prices and good quality, more This airline is increasingly attracting a large number of customers to use its services regularly.

Nok Air

This joint venture airline was established in 2003 and is currently headquartered in Bangkok (Thailand). The airline operates flights to destinations mainly Thailand and Singapore. Vietnamese passengers also like to buy Nok Air tickets to Thailand.

Above is a list of some domestic and international low-cost airlines for your reference. Hopefully this article helps you easily choose the right airline for your upcoming journey. For support in checking and booking tickets, please contact HoaBinh Airlines via hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911, we are always ready to support you 24/7.