The great experience going to Da Lat by plane for you

Da Lat is beautiful in every season and attractive to tourists regardless of the time of year. If you set foot in this city of flowers for the first time, you will surely wonder about how to book air tickets to Da Lat, your experiences traveling to Da Lat by plane, etc. The article below will help you answer these questions. Let's find out details about this issue with HoaBinh Airlines through this article.

Flight tickets to Da Lat and things you need to know

Da Lat is a city in Lam Dong province. This is the most famous tourist destination in this province because of its beautiful natural scenery, cool, fresh climate, many colorful flowers, etc. When mentioning Da Lat, people often think of dreams, flowers blooming all year round, and landscapes such as Datanla Waterfall, Langbiang Mountain, Tuyen Lam Lake, cafes on the hills, etc. Therefore, Da Lat is always a destination in Lam Dong that attracts visitors.

Da Lat is far from Bien Hoa city (Dong Nai), which is about 278km away from the city. About 300km from Ho Chi Minh City, more than 1,500km from Hanoi Capital, and about 205km from Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). In general, for the southern provinces, traveling to Da Lat can be by bus, train, or plane.

However, for the Central and Northern provinces, booking air tickets to Da Lat is the most reasonable choice, both saving time and ensuring health for your travel itinerary. Therefore, booking flight tickets to Da Lat becomes even easier. In Lam Dong, there is Lien Khuong international airport, located on National Highway 20, Lien Nghia town, Duc Trong district.

This is one of the four largest airports in the Central Highlands region. Lien Khuong Airport was built by the French colonialists in 1933. Currently, this airport has two floors, designed very delicately like strong sunflowers, a symbolic flower of Da Nang city.

Transportation to Da Lat airport

All flights to Da Lat land at this airport. Lien Khuong Airport is only about 30km from the city center and takes about 30 to 40 minutes to travel. At Lien Khuong airport, Da Lat tourists can travel to the city center in 3 ways: motorbike taxi, taxi, and bus.


Going from the airport to Da Lat Center helps you save money on travel but takes more time. Buses from the airport to the city have a frequency of about 20 minutes per trip, operating from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and a ticket price of 40,000 VND per trip. You can catch the bus right at the airport gate, so it's quite convenient. However, if you carry a lot of loose belongings, you should not use this vehicle.


This is the most convenient means of transportation from the airport to the city center, but it is more expensive. You should go in groups of 3–4 people or more to save money. Taxi prices range from 250,000 - 350,000 VND per way. Taxi companies stopping at the airport are quite diverse, such as Thang Loi Taxi, Phuong Trang Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, Da Lat Taxi,...

Motorbike taxi

There are no motorbike taxis at Lien Khuong airport, so if you take a motorbike taxi, you have to go to Highway 20 to catch a motorbike. If you carry a lot of belongings, traveling by motorcycle taxi will be a bit difficult and cumbersome. The cost of a motorbike taxi is about 250,000 VND per trip. Travel time is also long, about 60–70 minutes.

Thus, tourists with plane tickets to Da Lat can choose the means of transportation to the center that suits them through the above suggestions.

Flight guide to Da Lat

According to my experience going to Da Lat by plane, booking a plane ticket to Da Lat is not difficult because this city has Lien Khuong airport. Domestic airlines Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, Bamboo Airways, and Vietjet Air all operate flights to Da Lat.

Air tickets from Hanoi to Da Lat 

In Hanoi, Noi Bai airport is the largest airport in Vietnam. Traveling from Hanoi to Da Lat is a very long distance, so choosing to travel by plane is the most reasonable.

Air tickets from Hanoi to Da Lat are all direct flights, with prices ranging from 1,200,000 - 2,000,000 VND per way. Flight time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes. While traveling by road, it can take up to 35 hours.

Air tickets to Saigon Da Lat

In Ho Chi Minh City has a Tan Son Nhat international airport with many domestic and foreign flights. Airfare from Saigon to Da Lat is quite cheap, ranging from 500,000 to 800,000 VND per way, including taxes and fees.

All airlines are operating this route with a frequency of 5–10 flights per day. Among them, Vietnam Airlines has the highest flight frequency, and Vietravel Airlines has the lowest average ticket price. Because it is only about 300km away, the flight from Ho Chi Minh City - Da Lat only takes about 55 minutes to 1 hour.

Air tickets from Hai Phong to Da Lat

These have less diversity and choice than Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, there are only two domestic airlines, Vietjet Air and Vietnam Airlines, operating direct flights from Hai Phong to Da Lat. The average frequency is 3 flights per day, and the ticket price is also relatively cheap.

Flight tickets to Da Lat from Hai Phong City by Vietjet Air cost only from 940,000 VND per way. Vietnam Airlines' Hai Phong-Da Lat flight ticket is only slightly higher, from 960,000 VND per way, and has a higher frequency of 2 flights per day. Flight time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes, depending on the airline, but in general there is not much difference.

Flight tickets from Da Nang to Da Lat

In Da Nang, there is Da Nang International Airport, which serves both domestic and international flights. Therefore, from Da Nang to Da Lat, you can choose to travel by air for convenience. There are three Vietnamese airlines operating direct flights from Da Nang to Da Lat. The average flight time is 1 hour and 5 minutes, while traveling by road will take up to 15–16 hours.

The average ticket price ranges from 600,000 VND to 1,300,000 VND per way. The direct flight from Da Nang to Da Lat is a newly operated route and will gradually increase the frequency of direct flights according to passenger demand.

Flight tickets to Da Lat from Da Nang by Vietjet Air cost from 610,000 VND per way. Flight tickets from Vietnam Airlines to Da Nang and Da Lat cost from 740,000 VND per way. Bamboo Airways flight tickets from Da Nang to Da Lat are only from 600,000 VND per way.

How to book cheap flight tickets to Da Lat

To book cheap air tickets to Da Lat, passengers should note a few extremely useful tips:

Regularly update the promotional information of airlines, especially low-cost airlines such as Pacific Airlines, Vietjet Air, etc. These airlines often have many promotions, such as "air tickets from 199,000 VND" and "airline tickets are not 0 VND."

You should book tickets 2-3 months before the flight; the price will be much lower. For example, if you want to travel to Da Lat in January 2022, you can book a flight to Da Lat now or in September or October.

Tourists should note that air tickets to Da Lat on the first days of the week will be significantly cheaper than on the weekends.

Buying round-trip tickets will always be cheaper than individual tickets

Airfares will be more affordable during non-peak travel times. Therefore, from the experience of many people going to Da Lat by plane, if you want to have an economical trip, you can book tickets during the low season when traveling to Da Lat.

Where to go in Da Lat?

According to my Da Lat travel experience, if you have a plane ticket to Da Lat, the destinations in Da Lat that you cannot miss are:

Langbiang Mountain

The Langbiang Mountain tourist area is located at 305 Langbiang Street, Lac Duong Town, about 12 km from Da Lat center. Considering the roof of Da Lat, when arriving here, visitors will be immersed in the nature of the mountains and forests, enjoy playing adventure games, and sit and sip a cup of coffee, admiring the scenery on top of Radar.

From the top of Langbiang mountain, passengers can fully admire the beauty of the Vang stream, the Silver stream, and the majesty of the Lam Vien plateau.

Tuyen Lam Lake

Located on the outskirts of Da Lat, Tuyen Lam Lake is a destination for you to have the most relaxing and peaceful moments, away from the dust and noise of the city. The weather here is always pleasant and cool; the sky is quiet and high; and the water is cool and clear. Coming to Tuyen Lam Lake, you can kayak, canoe, etc.

Da Lat Night Market

This market, also known as Phu Market, is located right in the center, so it is very easy to find. The night market opens from 6 to 7 p.m. and lasts all night until 7 a.m. the next morning. Coming here, you will be able to enjoy the specialties of the flower city, such as strawberries, strawberry jam, plum jam, tomato jam, grilled corn, vermicelli noodles, banh canh, etc.

Flower gardens

Known as the flower city, buying a plane ticket to Da Lat and skipping a visit to the flower gardens is truly a mistake. In particular, in this city, flowers bloom all year round with a variety of flowers such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, wildflowers, etc. Depending on the time, you can choose to visit different flower gardens.

Sunset-watching cafes

Watching the Dalat sunset from above is an extremely ideal experience for tourists. In Da Lat, cafes to watch the sunset include Sunset Afternoon Coffee Shop, Bag Mo To Coffee Shop, Bohem Cafe,...

Above is how to book cheap flight tickets to Da Lat as well as the super necessary experience of going to Da Lat by plane for you. Hopefully, the information shared by HoaBinh Airlines above will be helpful to you. For information about booking air tickets to Da Lat, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 advice and support.