The entire experience of canceling airline tickets from A-Z is extremely useful

"What information do I need to know to cancel a flight ticket?", "Can airline tickets be canceled?" and "Can I get a refund if I cancel a flight ticket?" are the questions of many people when faced with a force majeure situation. This article will share useful airfare cancellation experiences for you to keep in your pocket in case unexpected situations arise.

In what cases can booked flight tickets be canceled?

After booking your flight ticket, there are some cases where you encounter unexpected problems or are suddenly busy and cannot fly on the previously booked date. At this point, you will wonder when you will be able to cancel your booked ticket so you can have appropriate solutions.

There are some cases where tickets can be canceled (below is general reference information only; depending on each airline, there may be additional regulations):

  • Due to unfavorable weather factors (rain, storm, etc.).
  • In case the airline flies earlier or later than originally scheduled.
  • Cancellation of tickets due to personal reasons.
  • The airline changed its flight schedule.
  • Some other reasons, such as: epidemics, security.

If you don't want to pay too much for canceling your ticket, you can consider changing your flight ticket to another date. As for the procedure, there will be staff to assist you in detail.

Cancellation of Vietnam Airlines tickets and things you need to know

1. Vietnam Airlines flight ticket cancellation policies/ regulations

For Vietnam Airlines, how to cancel a ticket and the fee depend on the airline ticket class. Specifically:

  • Promotional ticket class - Super savings: no cancellation or change of tickets is allowed.
  • Economy class and business class: tickets can be canceled with the Vietnam Airlines flight ticket cancellation fee policy as follows:
  • The ticket cancellation fee will be applied according to the airline's regulations (depending on the time of cancellation).
  • Fee for changing itinerary: Change fee according to regulations + airfare difference fee (if any)
  • Change the date and time for free.

2. Method

There are two ways for you to cancel your Vietnam Airlines ticket:

  • Call through hotline: When you need to cancel or change your ticket, you can contact the Vietnam Airlines hotline directly at 1900.4798, and a customer service staff will assist you in guiding you through the necessary procedures most thoroughly.
  • Refund Vietnam Airlines flight tickets online: Visit the airline's official website → Manage booking → Fill in all the information: booking code, full name, email address, search, refund ticket.

A simple way to cancel VietJet Air flight tickets

1. VietJet Air flight ticket cancellation policies and regulations

Can Vietjet flight tickets be canceled? VietJet Air does not accept ticket cancellations if the reason arises from the customer. You can only cancel your ticket if the airline is at fault. However, if you buy tickets from agents, you can still cancel the tickets with the payment of a fee (based on each agent's regulations).

2. Method

  • Cancel tickets through agents: If you buy a plane ticket through an authorized agent of the airline, you need to go directly to that agent to cancel the ticket and pay the incurred fees.
  • Cancellation and refund Vietjet flight tickets online: If you book your ticket online, you can cancel it online on the airline's website. You just need to visit the website and follow the instructions.
  • How to cancel tickets purchased directly: When buying a ticket from Vietjet Air, you cannot cancel the ticket when buying directly. Instead, you can change your ticket and pay the additional fee.

Instructions on how to cancel Bamboo Airways flight tickets

1. Bamboo Airways ticket cancellation policy and regulations

Refund, cancellation, and ticket exchange regulations only apply to Bamboo Business ticket classes. Accordingly, you will be able to change the date, time, and flight itinerary.

Some of you wonder if canceling a flight ticket will cost you money. The answer is that it may cost you along with the difference in fees, and it depends on the circumstances in which you cancel the ticket.

* Note: With the question of whether canceling a Bamboo flight ticket can be refunded, according to regulations, if the new ticket price is cheaper than the original price, you will not receive a refund.

2. Method

Before requesting to cancel your ticket, you need to prepare all the information: booking code (ticket code), flight itinerary, full name, flight date and time, etc., and send it to email for support. ticket cancellation.

How to cancel airline tickets online when booking through other channels

Besides booking tickets through agents and official airline channels, some of you also book through channels such as:

  • Banking applications, e-wallets (VNPay, MoMo, Zalo Pay, ViettelPay, etc.)
  • Travel websites and applications (Traveloka, Agoda, iVIVU, etc.)

Above is the most detailed set of airline ticket cancellation experiences for you to refer to and apply when necessary. In general, each airline will have its own policies and regulations regarding ticket cancellations and changes. If you want the most accurate information, you can contact the airline directly to check if it is appropriate for your situation. If you cancel your ticket, are there any other things to keep in mind? Or you can contact HoaBinh Airlines through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 advice and support.