The benefits of traveling by plane you may not know

Among means of transport such as trains, buses, personal vehicles, and airplanes, air travel is still a top priority thanks to its many attractive benefits. Let's join HoaBinh Airlines to learn about the benefits of traveling by plane instead of bus or train that you should know right away.

1. Flight times and routes vary

Today, the strong development of the aviation industry has turned airplanes into an extremely popular means of transportation. Whether going on a business trip, returning home, or traveling, flying is always a top priority.

By choosing to fly, you can flexibly choose a variety of times and routes to suit your needs. Depending on the destination, airline flight schedules range from early morning to late evening. Whether you book tickets early or buy tickets on a whim, you can easily get flights that meet your travel needs.

2. Many promotions

Usually, people only hunt for promotional airline tickets and rarely hunt for cheap train or bus tickets. This comes from the fact that airlines often launch attractive incentive programs to stimulate travel and tourism demand.

Therefore, young people often choose to travel by plane to have a comfortable experience at a cheap price. You can follow the airlines' websites or fan pages to hunt for cheap ticket prices for your trips. Many attractive promotions, such as 0 VND tickets and 99,000 VND tickets (excluding taxes and fees), will help you save quite a bit of money when traveling.

The increasing presence of airlines creates a large competitive market. Therefore, you can consider comparing the ticket prices of different airlines combined with promotional promotions to optimize costs.

According to the experience of traveling by air that many young people share, you should hunt for tickets 2-3 months before your trip to get the best ticket price. However, airlines often release tickets during certain hours or golden weeks. Therefore, you have to "watch out" if you want to buy cheap air tickets.

3. Save time and don't waste energy

One of the benefits of traveling by plane is saving time for passengers. Instead of taking the train for up to 2 days to get to Hanoi, it only takes about 2 hours to fly from Saigon to the capital, saving a huge amount of time to rest, visit, and explore.

Or if you choose to take the high-speed boat from Vung Tau to Con Dao, it will take you up to 8 hours. Meanwhile, if you fly, the journey is shortened to only 45 minutes of travel. Therefore, tourists who have little time for travel prefer to travel by plane.

Not to mention, if during your trip to explore Vietnam you need to travel to many destinations and experience many places, then arriving early and having more time to check in, rest, and get acquainted with the place you have just arrived will help so much.

In addition to saving time, traveling by plane helps you maintain your health. Sitting on a plane for 1–2 hours (domestic travel) helps you maintain better physical health than sitting on a bus for 5–6 hours (or more).

You will be much less tired and have headaches than taking the train or bus. Thanks to that, you can maintain abundant energy for your outing.

4. Access many destinations that cannot be reached by bus or train

Why should you travel by plane? Road vehicles such as motorbikes, trains, or buses are sometimes disadvantageous when they cannot reach offshore islands like Phu Quoc.

In fact, you can combine taking a bus with a speedboat to reach these beach tourism paradises. However, you will waste a lot of time traveling, not to mention fatigue and motion sickness. Meanwhile, just a direct flight is enough for you to quickly check into these beautiful islands.

5. Many airlines were born

In the past, there was only one airline, Vietnam Airlines, operating at relatively high prices, making it difficult for many people to access. However, currently, Vietnam has many new airlines, such as VietJet, Bamboo, Vietravel, Jetstar, etc., giving passengers many choices.

You can compare ticket prices between airlines, compare flight schedules, and use other criteria about service quality to choose the airline that suits your needs. Because many airlines have been established and are highly competitive, airfares are no longer too expensive. Just be diligent in "hunting," and you will find good tickets from good airlines.

6. Professional and clean service

Our country's road traffic is very developed, with short and long bus and train trips throughout the North, Central, and South regions. However, the quality of service when traveling by bus is difficult to compare with that when traveling by plane.

All passengers traveling by plane are warmly welcomed, helped, and guided. This is different from crowded, crammed passenger buses. On vacation, you will never encounter crowds on the plane. However, with passenger cars, it is very easy to encounter.

Furthermore, there are always restrooms on the plane, serving passengers better. If you travel by bus, you have to wait for the driver to stop at the stop to be able to address your personal hygiene needs. Therefore, basically, airplane transportation will bring more conveniences than other types of public transportation.

Above are the benefits of traveling by plane that HoaBinh Airlines shares with you. Hopefully, the above information will help you have more interesting experiences on your upcoming journey of discovery. For any information you need advice on, please contact us via hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for dedicated support.