Save the experience of buying air tickets from Can Tho to Da Lat now

Do you want to explore dreamy Da Lat but haven't had the chance yet? You don't know how to buy flight tickets from Can Tho to Da Lat? Let HoaBinh Airlines help you answer all your questions through the article below.

Experience buying airline tickets from Can Tho to Da Lat

Introducing Can Tho airport

From the Western provinces, passengers can travel to Da Lat by plane. You will depart from Can Tho airport and take a flight to Lien Khuong airport - Da Lat. Can Tho airport is located in Tra An and Thoi An Dong wards, Binh Thuy district.

This airport is located just 700 meters from the Hau River and connected to Can Tho city center through the Vo Van Kiet and Le Hong Phong routes. Since 2011, this airport has become an international airport. Many major Vietnamese airlines have opened flights to Can Tho Airport.

Introducing Lien Khuong Airport - Da Lat 

When booking airline tickets from Can Tho to Da Lat, passengers will fly from Can Tho international airport to Lien Khuong airport. This is an airport located on National Highway 20, Lien Nghia town, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province.

Up to now, Lien Khuong Airport has become the largest airport in the Central Highlands. With a total investment of more than 280 billion VND, this airport has two floors designed in the image of chrysanthemums - a typical flower of the mountain town.

Currently, Lien Khuong airport has a 3,250 meter long runway. The airport can welcome short-range aircraft such as Fokker, ATR72, Airbus A321 and Airbus A320.

How long does it take to fly from Can Tho to Da Lat?

Instead of traveling by bus from Can Tho to Da Lat, passengers can book flight tickets from Can Tho to Da Lat to shorten travel time. If you don't count check-in time, it only takes about 45 minutes to fly from Can Tho to Da Lat.

Travel from Lien Khuong airport to Da Lat city


When landing a flight at Lien Khuong airport, passengers can choose to travel to Da Lat city center by bus. Airport buses operate from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a ticket price of 40,000 VND and a frequency of about 20 - 25 minutes.


A taxi is the means of transportation that many passengers choose to get from the airport to the center. You can catch a taxi from Mai Linh, Phuong Trang, etc., with prices ranging from 400,000 - 500,000 VND. This is an option for groups of two or more passengers with lots of luggage who want to save travel time.


Another means of transportation you can choose is to take a motorcycle taxi from the airport to the city of flowers. Passengers need to move to the Highway 20 area to catch the bus. The cost of a motorbike taxi is about 250,000 VND/person for about an hour.

Which airline should I use to buy air tickets from Can Tho to Da Lat?

According to the experience of buying tickets to Da Lat that many passengers share, you can buy tickets from Vietnam Airlines. Ticket prices from Can Tho to Da Lat range from 399,000 - 1,350,000 VND (excluding taxes and fees). Depending on the season, ticket prices can flexibly change.

Vietjet Air is a low-cost airline, regularly selling flight tickets to Da Lat for 99,000 to 199,000 VND. However, this airline often delays, so you can flexibly book a flight early in the morning so that your travel itinerary is not affected. In addition, don't forget to update the airline's announcements via email or text message to know the exact flight time.

Tips for finding cheap flight tickets from Can Tho to Da Lat

If you want to buy flight tickets to Da Lat at good prices, you cannot ignore the following tips for booking flight tickets to Can Tho and Da Lat:

Keep an eye on airline ticket prices and book tickets 1-2 months in advance. Planning early helps you choose a suitable flight date and easily buy cheap tickets.

Every month or in the summer, fall, etc., airlines will launch attractive promotions. So please visit the airline's website or app to hunt for cheap tickets.

One of the experiences when buying air tickets from Can Tho to Da Lat that you need to keep in mind is buying a combo of air tickets and hotels and resorts. These are combos that help you save money and prepare for a thoughtful trip.

To choose a good ticket price, passengers should book tickets early in the morning or late at night. There are fewer people going at this time, so ticket prices are often cheaper. Of course, to book tickets, you need to stay up late and get up early to buy tickets. But if you get a cheap ticket, a little "sacrifice" is worth it.

Finally, passengers should "avoid" going to Da Lat during the Tet holidays. Because this is peak tourism time, there are many tourists coming to Da Lat. Therefore, you should avoid buying airline tickets this season because the prices are very high. You can arrange time to travel after the holidays to both relax and save money.

Above are all the experiences and instructions for booking tickets to Da Lat that passengers departing from Can Tho should note. Ideally, you should have a carefully prepared plan to have the most convenient, smooth, and cost-effective trip to the city of thousands of flowers. For more detailed information, please contact HoaBinh Airlines via hotlines: 0039.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 advice and support.