Passengers should pay attention to the types of documents that replace valid citizen identification cards when traveling by plane

In case you forget to bring your ID card or do not have your ID card, passengers can still bring other forms of identification documents instead. So are there any alternative documents for citizen identification when flying that you can use? Don't forget to refer to the information provided by HoaBinh Airlines below to be thoroughly prepared before your flight.

1. Can I board the plane without a citizen identification card?

For domestic flights, a citizen identification card is one of the important and necessary documents that airport staff will ask passengers to present to verify personal information. Presenting your ID card or other documents to replace your citizen identification card when flying is a mandatory step to check that your full name, identification photo and citizen identification card number match the information registered when booking a ticket or not.

However, currently, without an ID card or citizen identification card, you can still board the plane. Passengers bring documents to replace citizen identification when traveling by plane such as passport, driver's license, party member card, certificate from a competent authority... to present confirmation of identity if there is no one. or forget or lose a citizen identification card. In the case of passengers flying internationally, you do not need to prepare a citizen identification card but must present your passport and visa.

2. Subjects need to present ID cards and documents to replace citizen identification cards when flying

All passengers over 14 years old must present their ID card or citizen ID card when flying, including the elderly and pregnant women. Particularly for customers who are pregnant women, they need to provide an additional health certificate depending on the individual requirements of each airline (you should contact them in advance to prepare the necessary documents according to regulations).

In addition, for child passengers who do not have citizen identification cards, the following documents can be used:

  • Babies under 14 days old are not allowed to fly.
  • Children from 14 days to 1 month old: Bring a birth certificate to replace the citizen identification card.
  • Children from 2 to 14 years old: Use original birth certificate, copy or passport when checking in.
  • Children raised in social organizations: need to provide additional confirmation from that organization valid for 6 months from the date of confirmation.
  • Children of foreign nationality need to provide a passport if taking a domestic flight.

3. Documents to replace citizen identification when flying

If there is no ID card, passengers can use documents to replace citizen identification cards when traveling on other planes, such as:

  • Passport or travel document; separate visa.
  • Permanent residence card, temporary residence card.
  • Identity card.
  • Identification card and certification from the People's Police.
  • Identification card and certification of the People's Army.
  • National Assembly Delegate Card.
  • Party membership card.
  • Journalist card.
  • Driving license for cars and motorcycles.
  • Card of the National Civil Aviation Security Committee.
  • Airport security control card with a long-term use value.
  • Identification cards of Vietnamese airlines.

In addition, in order to minimize the documents needed to carry when checking in, from August 2, 2023, all airports nationwide will accept passengers using VNeID accounts with equivalent value. Carry personal documents when participating in domestic flights.

In case you do not have the above necessary documents to replace citizen identification when traveling by plane, you can use a certificate of identity confirmed by the police of the ward or commune where you permanently or temporarily reside as a substitute. The identification certificate needs to show all information about the certifying agency or person; Full name, date, month, year of birth, gender, hometown/permanent residence of the confirmed person; date, month, and year of confirmation; Reason for confirmation and must have a photo and stamp (valid within 30 days from the date of confirmation).

According to the aviation information handbook, the following documents are accepted to replace citizen identification cards when flying:

  • Adults with Vietnamese nationality and flying domestic routes.
  • For foreign nationals, a passport must be valid for 6 months. In case you do not have a passport, you must bring a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a photo and stamp, along with an explanation of the reason for not having a passport with local confirmation.

For guests who do not have ID cards, you can refer to the information about alternative documents for citizen identification when flying provided by HoaBinh Airlines above to have the best preparation before the flight.