Not all passengers know the basic rules when flying

Folding the dining table before landing, leaving the device in airplane mode, not opening the plane door without permission—these are the basic principles of flying that passengers experience when experiencing airline services for the first time. should take note. Grasping the basic principles of flying will help you be more confident when experiencing aviation services and avoid encountering unwanted problems. Let's learn with HoaBinh Airlines the basic principles of flying.

Basic principles when flying that passengers need to pay attention to

Always wear a seat belt when sitting on an airplane

Wearing a seat belt is a basic rule when flying that flight attendants often remind passengers of after settling into their seats.

Wearing a seat belt is the best way for you to protect yourself when traveling by plane, especially at times such as aircraft taking off or landing, vehicles moving into turbulence, or bad weather. Normally, when these situations occur, the flight attendant will issue a notice to remind passengers, but you should still maintain this status throughout the journey and only remove your seat belt when you need to stand up to go to the bathroom and need help.

Fold the dining table before takeoff or landing

On the list of basic rules for passengers when flying, folding the dining table before takeoff or landing is extremely important and something you need to pay attention to.

Specifically, according to a 2017 report conducted by Boeing, 61% of fatal accidents in the aviation industry that took place from 2007 to 2016 occurred at the time the plane took off, was nearing landing, or had already landed. Therefore, folding the dining table after use will certainly help passengers escape easily and quickly from risks when the plane crashes.

Similarly, having the seat back upright and the window shade pulled up when preparing to land are also basic principles when flying to help you observe and grasp the situation faster if an incident occurs.

Do not use the restroom during takeoff or landing

While traveling on the plane, you need to pay attention to the flight attendant's instructions about when you should not use the restroom. Using the restroom in these situations can cause passengers to be injured when the plane moves in an unstable direction or make it difficult for you to escape if an emergency occurs.

Switch your phone to Airplane Mode

Another basic rule when flying that passengers should keep in mind is to switch the phone to airplane mode during takeoff or landing.

Starting Airplane Mode is a way to ensure the blocking of potentially conflicting waves from the phone with the information communication system and control system, especially during the flight. takeoff/ landing. Remember this basic rule when flying to avoid unnecessary trouble.

After the plane has maintained a stable altitude, you can reopen the connection, but it usually won't work because the mobile signal cannot reach the plane's altitude. If needed, passengers should only connect to Wi-Fi (if your flight supports it) and Bluetooth to use wireless headphones.

Do not open the aircraft door without request

Passengers are only allowed to open the plane door if requested by the flight attendant, usually in an emergency situation. In addition, during the travel process, you should not intentionally go near the airplane door area.

Not opening the plane door without permission is one of the most important things in the list of basic rules when flying, which flight attendants always carefully advise passengers before and during travel. Even when the vehicle is still on the ground, if someone intentionally opens the door, it can cause the flight to be delayed because the handling procedures are extremely complicated.

Respect the privacy of other passengers

An "implicit" rule that you should understand is that not everyone is comfortable when strangers ask to talk and interact. Therefore, if you closely observe the person next to you who is busy with personal activities such as reading books, listening to music, watching movies, etc., do not try to start a conversation to ensure their privacy.

If you feel too bored during the trip, according to the experience of many passengers, you should prepare a few books and stories, a list of music and movies with headphones, etc., for entertainment and relaxation.

What to do when you have questions about the basic principles of flying?

Normally, the basic principles of flying will be disseminated to passengers by flight attendants at various times, such as when the plane is preparing to take off, the plane is maintaining a stable altitude, or in some urgent situations.

However, if during the travel process you have any questions or are not sure whether this behavior should be followed or not, do not hesitate to ask for help from the flight attendants for answers and timely assistance.

Passengers, especially those experiencing aviation services for the first time, should master the basic principles of flying. This helps you stay confident when handling situations that occur during the move and avoid many unwanted problems. To update more useful information for your trips, please visit the website: or contact HoaBinh Airlines via hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice. and dedicated support.