Maybe you don't know: Based on what criteria would you rate the stars of airlines?

Most tourists, when choosing an airline for their trip, research in advance about the airline's star rating and reviews from experts and passengers about the airline. But certainly, there are many people who still don't know on what basis one can rate the stars of airlines. HoaBinh Airlines will answer your questions through this article.

Star rating criteria of airlines

The origin of the star rating that travelers know about airlines is from the World Airlines Awards 2018 organized by Skytrax, where airlines were evaluated through 20.36 million surveys. It is no wonder that this award is considered the Oscar of the aviation industry because Skytrax has been the owner of a global, independent, and leading survey program for the past 16 years evaluating the service quality of airlines and airports.

The scoring of survey participants is also considered comprehensively based on many factors, such as flight services, airports, ground services, etc. In total, there are up to 500–800 small criteria for services. Services at the airline's hub airport and other onboard standards are as follows:

  • Quality of in-flight food.
  • Flexibility of in-flight dining and entertainment services.
  • Toilet and bathroom standards.
  • Service productivity of cleanliness in cabins, seats, and restrooms.
  • Equipment on long flights, such as pillows, comforters, and backrest.
  • Flight attendants and language skills.

Above are just a few basic criteria so that survey takers can evaluate service providers based on a 10-point scale. And here, experts will decide to rate the company with the highest star rating, which is 5 stars. And more importantly, maintaining the ranking is equally difficult when the set of criteria that Skytrax offers increases in difficulty each year. If quality is unstable, airlines' star ratings may drop.

Details of star rating of airlines

5 star airline

To be recognized as a 5-star airline, airlines need to achieve the highest scores for the in-flight and airport services they provide. An important factor of a 5-star airline is the ability to provide high-quality and appropriate products and services.

That means having great products is not as important as the quality of the airline's service to its passengers. At the same time, flight attendants for these airlines are also required to have experience and conform to the high standards achieved by these airlines.

Currently, there are 11 airlines globally rated at 5 stars, including 2 Southeast Asian airlines: Singapore Airlines and Garuda Indonesia. Some other prominent names include Qatar Airways, Japan Airlines, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific Airways, All Nippon Airways, etc.

4 star airline

Airlines rated 4 stars by Skytrax are certified for good product and service quality across all types of travel, along with the standards of on-board and airport staff. In the Vietnamese aviation market, only Vietnam Airlines is currently ranked 4 stars by Skytrax. This is also the star category of many high-quality airlines in the world, such as British Airways, Emirates, Air France, Aeroflot, etc.

3 star airline

What is the basis for the star ratings of 3-star airlines? These airlines are considered to be satisfactory in most service categories. However, there are still reports of poor or low standards of product quality or service staff.

2 star airline

Airlines with a 2-star rating are below industry average when evaluated for their products and services, airline staff, or the airport itself.

1 star airline

These airlines are rated very low, even below the industry average. The products and services they provide are also ranked below standard. However, a 1-star flight is still suitable for low-income people, airline or airport employees who do not place high standards.

Above are some criteria based on which Skytrax uses to rate airlines' stars. Hopefully, travelers will have a better understanding of the rating level for the airline they intend to use the service for. We hope you have a nice flight! If you have any questions that need answering, please contact HoaBinh Airlines through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 advice and support.