List of the 6 most punctual airlines in the world updated by HoaBinh Airlines

Punctuality is always a difficult problem for airlines around the world. During the first period of the year, Cirium analyzed data and announced the top most punctual airlines in the world, including representatives from countries such as the Netherlands, Thailand, the USA, Austria, etc. The famous aviation data analysis website Cirium published statistics on the six airlines with the most accurate flight times globally in February. Let's join HoaBinh Airlines to find out the top 6 most punctual airlines today.

Top 6 most punctual airlines in the world compiled by Cirium

1. KLM, Netherlands

In February this year, KLM, with an OTP of 89.66%, overtook Iberia Airlines to become the world's most punctual airline. KLM is the national airline of the Netherlands and part of the Air France-KLM alliance. The airline's headquarters are located in Amstelveen, and its operations center is at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

KLM Airlines operates passenger and cargo services to more than 90 destinations worldwide. This is also the oldest airline in the world that still uses its founding name to this day.

2. Thai AirAsia, Thailand

Ranked among the top punctual airlines in the world, Thai AirAsia, with an OTP score of 89.03%, continues to maintain its status as the airline with the most "standard" flight hours in the Asia-Pacific region. Ranked 2nd in the top region is Air China, with an OTP of 87.60%.

Thai AirAsia is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, and its operations center is at Don Mueang International Airport. Because it always maintains punctual flight times, the airline is always the priority choice of many tourists planning domestic and international travel.

3. Delta Airlines, USA

With an OTP score of 84.82%, Delta Airlines is the next most punctual airline in the world on Cirium's list. With an age of more than 100 years, Delta Airlines is always the number one airline that many passengers trust and choose to use in the US.

Delta provides international routes around the world, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Delta has more than 300 destinations in 57 countries (not including destinations flying under seat sharing agreements) on 5 continents, and in particular, it is also the only American airline with routes to Africa.

Delta Airlines was also the world's largest airline after merging with Northwest Airlines in 2009, and it was usurped in 2013 when American Airlines merged with US Airways.

4. Austrian Airlines, Austria

Austrian Airlines is a name that regularly appears in the top 10 punctual airlines in the world on the Cirium website. At the beginning of the year, this airline, with an impressive OTP of 91.09%, officially overtook Air Europa to become the airline with the most "standard" departure time in the European region.

The world's most punctual airline, Austrian Airlines, was founded in 1957 and currently operates at Vienna Airport, Austria, with its main hub at Vienna International Airport. Austrian Airlines operates flights to 130 destinations worldwide.

5. Copa Airlines, Latin America

Another representative from the Americas among the top punctual airlines in the world is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to many tourists: Copa Airlines.

Copa Airlines, with an OTP score of 94.39%, is currently the most punctual airline in Latin America. Copa Airlines, or Compania de Aviación Panameña, was founded in 1947 and is the national airline of Panama, with its main hub located at Tocumen International Airport.

In 2013 alone, the world's most punctual airline transported about 11,345,000 passengers on more than 326 flights to 69 destinations in 30 countries in North - Central - South America and the Caribbean. The airline's fleet includes 92 aircraft, most of which are Boeing 737 NG used to operate international flights, and Embraer E-190 specializes in serving regional flights.

6. Safair

In the Middle East and Africa region, Safair is definitely a bright name that can compete with other major airlines among the top punctual airlines in the world.

With an OTP of 94.89%, Safair tops the list of the most punctual airlines in the Middle East and Africa, followed by Oman (OTP of 92.88%) and Ethiopian Airlines – ET (OTP of 86.03%). This is also the first time Safair has entered the world's most punctual low-cost airline rankings.

Other on-time airlines are not on Cirium's list

In addition to the top punctual airlines in the world announced by Cirium in February, a number of other reputable punctuality airlines are also highly appreciated by travelers, including:

  • Azul Airlines (Brazil): In 2022, Azul Airlines operated nearly 280,000 flights, and 88.93% of them departed or arrived on time. This will also be the most punctual airline in the world in 2022, as honored by Cirium.
  • LATAM Airline (Chile): With an OTP percentage of 86.31%, or 450,000 flights operating on time, LATAM Airline is one of the reputable airlines that many tourists often choose to experience today.
  • StarFlyer (Japan): The on-time airline rankings certainly cannot lack representatives from the land of cherry blossoms, of which StarFlyer is the most impressive with an OTP of 95.23%. Following are Nippon Airways (88.61%) and Japan Airlines (88%).
  • Iberia (Spain): With an on-time rate of 85.87% on more than 91,000 flights, Iberia is regularly the top airline in the European region's most on-time performance rankings.

You no longer have to go through bad situations when the plane is delayed, making you tired of waiting. The top 6 most punctual airlines in the world announced by the Cirium website promise to be great "saviors" to help your journey always go "standard" and smoothly. If you have any questions that need answering, please contact HoaBinh Airlines via hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 consultation.