Learn about Bamboo Airways' flight ticket classes with HoaBinh Airlines

Bamboo Airways is a private airline that has been growing in recent years. To help you make the most suitable choice, HoaBinh Airlines would like to send travelers Bamboo Airways' flight ticket classes in the article below.

Bamboo Airways flight ticket classes

Bamboo Airways was established in 2017, belongs to the FLC Group, and is an airline with affordable ticket prices, suitable for many people. Currently, this airline is operating key routes nationwide, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Da Lat, etc.

In the future, Bamboo Airways will continue to expand domestic and international flights. Bamboo Airways' flight ticket classes are something many people wonder about, especially those who are flying this airline for the first time.

Currently, this airline's airline ticket classes are divided into many types, including business class tickets, special economy class tickets, and economy class tickets.

Business class tickets (Bamboo Business)

Of all Bamboo Airways airline ticket classes, business class tickets are the most expensive. With this ticket, visitors will be arranged in a private cabin, be served quality, classy services, have a private waiting room, be given priority when checking in, and get priority to board the plane first with airport pick-up and door-to-door pick-up. Meals and drinks on the plane will also be served completely free of charge.

In business class, there are Business Smart and Business Flex. Passengers on domestic Vietnam flights are allowed to bring up to 2 pieces of 7 kg of hand luggage and a maximum of 40 kg of free checked baggage.

When you own a Bamboo first-class ticket, you are also allowed to change the flight itinerary, flight date and time. If you change your name or want to refund your ticket, passengers will have to pay a fee of 350,000 VND per person per trip. With all these amenities, Bamboo Airways business class ticket prices are also much higher than other ticket classes, 2-3 times higher.

Special Economy Class Ticket (Bamboo Premium)

Similar to business class, premium economy tickets are also divided into two types of tickets: Premium Flex and Premium Smart. With special economy class tickets, travelers are entitled to 7kg of free carry-on luggage and 30kg of checked baggage. Meals are also served to you completely free of charge.

Compared to Premium Flex, Premium Flex has more incentives, such as free seat selection and free flight/itinerary changes before and within 3 hours of departure.

As for the Premium Flex class, passengers must pay 270,000 VND per person or segment when changing flights or itineraries, changing names, or refunding tickets. Passengers must pay a higher fee of 350,000 VND per person or segment.

Economy class (Bamboo Economy)

This is the most diverse and popular ticket class among Bamboo Airways' airline ticket classes. Economy class includes 4 fare classes: Economy Flex, Economy Smart. Economy Saver and Economy Saver Max.

Among them, the Economy Saver Max ticket class is the most economical but has the fewest incentives. You must pay a fee for checked baggage and choose a seat in advance. In case you want to refund your ticket, change your name, or change your flight itinerary, these are not applicable.

Economy Flex class has the most incentives in economy class, such as free flights and itinerary changes. Passengers must pay a fee of 350,000 VND per person or segment if they want to change their name or refund their tickets.

In general, Bamboo Airways airline ticket prices for economy class are cheap, affordable, and suitable for the income of many people. This is also the ticket class chosen by many people for economical travel and business flights.

How to book Bamboo Airways tickets

Currently, if you want to book Bamboo Airways flight tickets, you can choose many ways. Ways to book Bamboo airline tickets, such as buying tickets directly at the ticket counter, using affiliated agents, or booking online, are chosen by many passengers because it both saves time and is simple and fast with just a computer or smartphone with an Internet connection.

Step 1: The first step in booking Bamboo airline tickets online is to visit the airline's official website and select your departure and destination according to your plan. You can choose round-trip or one-way tickets as you like. Normally, round-trip Bamboo Airways ticket prices will be more favorable than one-way tickets. Then, click “Find flights.”

Step 2: At this time, a list of ticket prices and ticket classes for Bamboo Airways will appear for you to choose from. Passengers choose tickets that suit their needs. Passengers should note that ticket prices will vary depending on travel time and ticket class. Click on the ticket selection box. At that time, a screen on the right shows the passenger the total amount to pay (including taxes and fees). If it makes sense, select "Next.”.

Step 3: Fill in passenger information; fields marked with * must be filled in completely and accurately, then click "Next.". In the passenger name section, fill in "middle name and first name" first, then "last name.".

Step 4: In the additional options section, passengers can reserve seats and purchase additional checked baggage if desired, and then click "Next.".

Step 5: Review the summary information about your itinerary. If it seems reasonable, you choose to pay. Currently, Bamboo Airways allows you to pay online using a master card, visa card, or domestic ATM card or you can pay later at the ticket office. However, when you have booked a flight ticket online, paying online will be more convenient.

Step 6: The next step in booking Bamboo airline tickets online is to complete the booking confirmation procedure. At this step, it is considered that you have successfully booked your ticket.

Step 7: Immediately after that, the Bamboo Airways system will send the e-ticket to the registered email address. The electronic ticket includes all passenger information, a schedule, and an electronic ticket code for your journey. You can use electronic tickets to check in online.

If, within 1 hour after successfully booking the ticket, the passenger still has not received the electronic ticket, please proactively contact the Bamboo Airways system for answers.

Above is information about Bamboo Airways' airline ticket classes and how to book Bamboo airline tickets online for you. Visit the website https://hoabinhairlines.asia/ to update more useful information for your upcoming flight. Or contact HoaBinh Airlines through the hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice and answers to all questions.