Important tips when booking airline tickets online simply at home

Are you booking airline tickets online at home but still encountering some problems and don't know what to do next? Let HoaBinh Airlines answer all your questions as well as give you some important tips when booking airline tickets simply online at home.

Ticket prices of domestic airlines before booking air tickets online

Vietnam has four domestic airlines, including Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Pacific Airlines, and Bamboo Airways.

Book flight tickets online with Vietnam Airlines

This is a national airline with a wide flight network covering not only domestically but also internationally, reaching 490 airports and over 260 countries. Therefore, Vietnam Airlines is considered one of the domestic airlines with good service, meeting all passengers' needs. Therefore, its price is the highest among the remaining four brands.

Book flight tickets online with Vietjet Air

Known as Vietnam's low-cost airline, Vietjet is rising to lead the domestic market. With continuous innovation and enhanced services, the airline is the number one choice for passengers traveling to Vietnam or internationally.

Book flight tickets online with Bamboo Airways

Since its inception, the brand has generated a lot of buzz and praise from passengers who have had the opportunity to experience it.

Bamboo offers four ticket classes: Eco, Plus, Business, and First. If comparing ticket prices, the price per class of this brand is lower than Vietnam Airlines and higher than Vietjet Air.

Book airline tickets online with Pacific Airlines

Formerly known as the Jetstar brand, the airline has so far made breakthroughs in rebuilding its brand. Pacific prioritizes operating flights to 16 cities and provinces nationwide.

The brand's strength is its low ticket prices, but its main weakness is the high rate of flight cancellations and delays. However, the airline is undergoing reforms to bring passengers the best quality.

How to book cheap airline tickets online

1. Instructions for booking flight tickets

To be able to buy air tickets at the lowest cost, you need to make specific plans. In addition to consulting on promotional programs on agency websites, you should keep in mind the following ways to buy cheap airline tickets online:

  • Step 1: Access the website system of each airline or the address of a reputable air ticket sales agent to update promotional information and choose cheap aircraft.
  • Step 2: Select necessary information, such as: round-trip, one-way order, departure place, destination, etc. Then press the confirmation code and select search, so the system will provide information automatically.
  • Step 3: After finding flight information with a suitable price, the system will take you to a page with a full personal information declaration.
  • Step 4: After updating the necessary information, proceed to make payments on the system. Currently, most ticket booking websites support payment through two methods: payment via bank card or payment at the office.
  • Step 5: If you choose bank transfer, a booking department will contact you to confirm your reservation.

2. Where can I book airline tickets online and get tickets?

Electronic airline tickets will fully update important information, like traditional tickets. However, you do not have to bother going to get the ticket; this ticket will be sent directly via email in the appropriate format.

In addition, the booking code will be sent directly to the phone (depending on some companies, the brand will send it back to email). After that, everyone should print out a copy and bring it to the airport for the staff to check.

3. How do I buy airline tickets online and check in?

This is a popular form of booking tickets that helps you save maximum time. After booking the flight ticket online, passengers use the ticket to check-in on the airline's website. In addition, you can notify the ticket sales staff at agents and box offices for direct support.

You need to note that after checking in electronically, when you arrive at the airport, you should still give your electronic ticket to the staff to check. Each airline will have specific conditions on how to check in online, so you can refer to the detailed information of each airline on the Air Travel website to understand clearly.

Things to note when booking airline tickets online

1. Make specific plans before booking tickets

Before trips, everyone should have a specific plan suitable for their desired conditions and circumstances. Airline tickets are usually cheap if you book 1-2 months before flying. When booking tickets for many people, an entire organization should have collective consensus and research clearly about the airline of choice. You absolutely should not use "close tickets.".

2. Choose a reasonable airline

Currently, Vietnam has four domestic airlines for passengers to choose from. Based on your needs, financial situation, and destination, you can consider choosing Vietjet Airline or Jestar Airline to buy cheap tickets. In addition, if you prioritize using the service, Vietnam Airlines will be a brand with the best quality to help you have more impressive experiences.

Hopefully, the information about online flight booking methods that HoaBinh Airlines shares above will help you gain more specific knowledge to make the travel process smoother. If you have any questions that need answering, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice and dedicated support.