Important notes when canceling Vietjet flight tickets that all passengers need to remember

In case you are forced to cancel your flight ticket due to an unexpected situation related to the travel schedule or an incident with the airline itself, don't forget to refer to the information about ticket cancellation and refund fees. Let's with HoaBinh Airlines following important notes when canceling Vietjet flight tickets will hopefully help you find the best solution.

Reasons for canceling Vietjet flight tickets

There are many reasons why passengers cancel Vietjet flight tickets. This situation may originate with the customer or the airline. Depending on each case, Vietjet Airlines will have different solutions.

Reason for ticket cancellation from customer

Important note When canceling Vietjet flight tickets for passengers, the airline will not support cancellations for the following reasons:

  • Busy with unexpected work.
  • I encountered an unexpected problem.
  • Want to change to another flight or no longer want to fly for personal reasons?

In case customers want to change flight tickets, Vietjet will support, depending on ticket class:

  • Passengers buying SkyBoss and SkyBoss Business tickets:

You will be asked to refund the ticket identification reservation with the condition of canceling the reserved seat 3 hours before the scheduled departure time or notifying the cancellation via the Vietjet hotline late. at least 72 hours after the scheduled departure time.

  • Passengers buying Deluxe and Eco tickets:

For these two classes, to reserve the ticket price, passengers need to notify Vietjet at least 24 hours in advance of the departure time of the first flight. You will reserve your ticket price for a maximum of 180 days from the flight's departure date. Please note that if there is no prior notice, passengers will have their Vietjet flight tickets canceled, and the full ticket price will not be refunded.

Reasons for canceling Vietjet tickets from the airline

In case the flight is canceled due to an airline error, Vietjet will offer a number of support options for passengers to choose from:

  • Change to the nearest flight on the same route (if seats are available).
  • Change to any flight on the same route (if there are seats available), but not more than 72 hours earlier or later than the scheduled departure time.
  • Change to another flight with a similar itinerary so that the passenger's expected schedule is not affected too much.
  • The ticket value within 180 days

Passengers should note Vietjet flight ticket cancellation methods

For passengers whose Vietjet flight tickets are canceled due to bad weather conditions, security errors, technical problems, etc., the airline will try to fix it by arranging for you to change to another flight time frame. However, if that flight time frame is not suitable, you can choose other support options, such as reserving the ticket value for 180 days or canceling the ticket.

Some methods to cancel Vietjet flight tickets that you need to keep in mind are:

Cancel flight tickets via Vietjet hotline

An important note when canceling Vietjet flight tickets that you should "take to heart" is to remember the airline's switchboard number to receive timely support in all situations.

If the passenger previously booked a ticket through the switchboard, you can call directly at 1900-1886 for assistance in canceling the ticket. Vietjet flight ticket cancellation procedures will require you to provide the booking code, passenger name, and other information that needs to be changed. After receiving all the information, the staff will assist you in quickly canceling the ticket.

Cancel flight tickets through Vietjet agents or ticket offices

Besides the hotline, passengers can also cancel tickets by going directly to Vietjet's ticket office or agents nationwide. You can look up the addresses of Vietjet agents or ticket offices through the updated list on the airline's website.

Refund fees are reserved for identifying money and no-shows

The issue that many people are concerned about after canceling a ticket is: How much is the refund fee for money reservations and no-show reservations? Depending on whether your cancellation ticket is for a domestic or international trip, there will be different refund fees.

Refund fee schedule for money identification and no-show reservations for Vietjet Air:

  • Ticket identification reservation refund surcharge: 350,000 VND (Domestic) and 800,000 VND (International)
  • No-show fee:  120,000 VND (Domestic) and 580,000 VND (International)

Passengers should remember important notes when canceling Vietjet flight tickets to be more attentive in the process of finding the best solution when an unexpected situation occurs that causes their expected schedule to change. For any information you need advice on, please contact HoaBinh Airlines through our hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.