How to check in at the airport and some notes 

Check-in at the airport is the first and mandatory step when traveling by flight. To avoid being surprised and making unnecessary mistakes when traveling by plane, let's learn with HoaBinh Airlines about the check-in process at the traditional airport and how to check in online.

The check-in process at the airport is extremely necessary and importantThe check-in process at the airport is extremely necessary and important

Check-in procedures and Some check-in regulations

Check-in procedures usually follow the following procedures and regulations:

Go to the check-in counter at the airport

When you check in at the airport, please pay attention to the electronic board displaying information on the flight at the terminal. The check-in counter area corresponds to the airline you purchased your ticket from.

The staff will check your reservation number, flight ticket, and personal documents at the counter for you and your chaperone. Checked baggage will be placed on the conveyor belt for weighing and transported separately.

Check-in at the airport counter to check and authenticate documentsCheck-in at the airport counter to check and authenticate documents

In addition, airlines often provide different types of check-in for the convenience of passengers. You can check in directly at the staff counter via an automatic machine (kiosk) or online via the airline's app or website.

Present required documents at the counter

Prepare important documents such as a boarding pass, identification card, or passport. The staff will compare the information on your documents and airline tickets. Preparing the necessary documents will help you avoid unnecessary troubles and ensure a smooth procedure. Always remember to bring your identification to go through the boarding procedures quickly!

Presenting and comparing information on documents is extremely importantPresenting and comparing information on documents is extremely important

Weighing hand luggage and checking baggage

You must weigh and check your luggage when you arrive at the airport check-in counter. Staff will check hand luggage's size and weight to ensure airline regulations are met. Airlines often have regulations on the amount of hand baggage, checked baggage, and types of luggage you can bring on board, and vice versa. You need to get that information from the airline you are traveling with.

Weigh your baggage before making sure it meets airline regulationsWeigh your baggage before making sure it meets airline regulations

Confirm booking information and get boarding pass

Once all the check-in and booking verification procedures and your identification have been completed, you will receive a boarding pass from the staff.

The boarding pass will contain the necessary documents and instructions, including important information about the gate number. It makes determining where to go and boarding your plane on time easier. Therefore, you should keep your boarding pass and documents carefully and always check the information to ensure you follow the instructions correctly.

Confirm the information on the flight ticket to make sure it is correctConfirm the information on the flight ticket to make sure it is correct

Move to the airport's security gate

After checking in at the airport and receiving your flight card, you will continue to move to the security gate. Here, the staff will ask you to perform some steps to verify passenger information and check carry-on items to ensure security before the flight.

This step ensures that no prohibited items are brought on board, ensuring the safety of the flight and all passengers during the journey. Prohibited items not allowed on board include:

  • Sharp metal objects such as scissors, knives, sewing needles, etc
  • Flammable substances such as paint, lighters, gas, etc
  • All guns.
  • Weapons of damage, such as mines, acids, thermometers, explosives, radioactive substances, sticks, etc
  • Toxic substances, infectious substances, etc.

Move to the security gateMove to the security gate

Move to the boarding gate 

Passengers need to be at the boarding gate 30–40 minutes before the departure time indicated on the ticket.

On boarding

After boarding the plane, remember to find the seat number on the ticket to sit in the correct position. Usually, seats will be written in rows of letters and columns of numbers to facilitate searching. Also, remember to put your luggage or backpack in the overhead compartment, close the compartment door, fasten your seat belt, and wait for the plane to take off.

When boarding the plane, it is necessary to put your luggage neatly in the luggage compartment on the planeWhen boarding the plane, it is necessary to put your luggage neatly in the luggage compartment on the plane

How to have the best check-in experience

  • Check information in advance: Before you fly, check the information about the airline's check-in regulations. Review check-in options and choose the best method for you, such as in-person at the counter, via a kiosk, or online check-in via an app or website.
  • Arriving at the airport early: As mentioned in the above section, you need to arrive at the airport early to ensure that all procedures are completed before boarding your flight and to promptly resolve any other arising problems.
  • Brilliant Baggage Arrangement: Double-check the airline's baggage policy and organize it intelligently to avoid transferring baggage to checked baggage or paying extra fees.

Organize your luggage smartly and avoid missing, overstuffed, or misplaced items

Organize your luggage smartly and avoid missing, overstuffed, or misplaced items

  • Reserve seats in advance: If you want to choose a specific seat on the plane, please reserve your seat before check-in. This step helps you get the right chair and avoid running out of seats or choosing unsuitable seats.
  • Optimize online check-in: If the airline allows online check-in, use this option to save time and avoid long queues at the counter. At the same time, you can also store your boarding pass on your mobile phone for convenience during your trip.
  • Follow up on announcements and updates: Follow up on announcements and updates from the airline before your flight to make sure you're up to date on schedule changes or emergency information.
  • Respond to special requests: If you have special requests such as disability support, child services, or special meals, please inform the airline for the best support.
  • Maintain a polite and cooperative attitude: When checking in, stay polite and cooperative with airport and airline staff. Your respect will ensure the best experience and safety when you are on board.

HoaBinh Airlines believes the above information will make check-in procedures easier. We  hope you have a memorable trip with your family and friends! If you want to book flight tickets quickly and conveniently, please get in touch with us through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.