Explore top 6 Noi Bai business lounges for VIP guests

Lotus Lounge, SHB First Club Noi Bai, VPBank Diamond Elite Lounge, Vietcombank Priority Lounge, Red River, and First Lounge by Bamboo Airways are six Noi Bai business lounges with full functions to serve your leisure needs, relaxation, and dining for VIP guests. Let's explore with HoaBinh Airlines the six business lounges of Noi Bai airport right away.

Overview of 6 lounges at Noi Bai Airport

At Noi Bai Airport, there are currently six business lounges for passengers who choose to experience this high-class service.

The Noi Bai business lounge for VIP guests includes:

  • Lotus Lounge: Relaxing space and high-quality service reaching 4-star standards.
  • VPBank Diamond Elite Lounge: Relaxing space and 5-star high-quality service.
  • SHB First Club Noi Bai Lounge: The first gold-plated business lounge in operation at Noi Bai airport.
  • Vietcombank Priority Lounge
  • Red River Lounge
  • First Lounge by Bamboo Airways

The Noi Bai Business Lounge for VIP guests of NASCO

1. Lotus Lounge

Golden Lotus is the business lounge of Vietnam Airlines. There are two Noi Bai Golden Lotus business lounges for passengers flying domestically and internationally. This waiting room space has an area of up to 1,500 square meters, providing about 450 seats scientifically arranged into separate areas, bringing a private rest and relaxation experience to each guest.

Convenient services at the Noi Bai business lounge include a rest room area, bathroom, smoking room, relaxation room with massage machine, a 4-star standard and a modern computer and entertainment system, along with many domestic and international press and magazine publications.

In particular, passengers in this lounge will have the opportunity to enjoy many attractive dishes at the Asian and European buffet counter, including vegetarian dishes, wine, cocktails, and fresh seasonal fruits, with a regularly updated menu.

Lotus Lounge business-class lounge, domestic terminal:

  • Location: 2nd floor, domestic quarantine area, Terminal T1, Noi Bai international airport
  • Operating hours: Monday - Sunday (24 hours/day)
  • Price list: 450,000 VND/adult 13 years and older; 330,000 VND/child 2–12 years old

Lotus Lounge business-class lounge, international terminal:

  • Location: 3rd Floor, International Quarantine Area, near Gate 28, Terminal T2, Noi Bai International Airport
  • Operating hours: Monday - Sunday (24 hours/day)
  • Price list: 800,000 VND/adult 13 years and older; 600,000 VND/child 2–12 years old

2. VPBank Diamond Elite Lounge

The VPBank Diamond Elite Lounge is a relaxing space exclusively for VIP customers using premium services at VPBank. The waiting room area provides full 5-star services to serve all customers' needs, such as rest, relaxation, entertainment, and dining, and has facilities specifically for children.

Please note that each VPBank priority customer and accompanying relatives (the number of accompanying relatives will depend on priority classification; no more than 3 people) can experience all amenities and services for free. service at this Noi Bai business lounge.

Location: 3rd Floor, Lobby D, Terminal T1, Domestic Terminal, Noi Bai International Airport

3. SHB First Club Noi Bai lounge

SHB's Noi Bai business lounge is located in a prime location of the airport, so it is extremely convenient in the process of welcoming passengers to experience the service before each flight. This is also the first 24K gold-plated waiting room to operate at the largest airport in the North, expected to bring a luxurious, high-class relaxing space worthy of serving VIP customers.

SHB First Club Noi Bai has an area of about 250 m2 and provides a full range of modern functional spaces and areas. Services at the Noi Bai business lounge include a 5-star A-European culinary menu, massage, rest areas, and work areas.

  • Location: next to the 3rd floor escalator, lobby A, waiting area of terminal T1 (domestic), Noi Bai international airport
  • Operating hours: 4:00–22:30
  • Exclusively for high-end, loyal customers using SHB bank services

4. Vietcombank Priority Lounge

Vietcombank Priority Lounge is a free-service lounge exclusively for Vietcombank Priority members. This Noi Bai business lounge stands out with a luxurious space, a beautiful view for virtual living, a modern facial recognition method, and a menu of attractive dishes always ready to serve diners.

Vietcombank Priority members who use the lounge will enjoy free benefits for accompanying children under 5 years old and an unlimited number of times to use the lounge.

  • Location: Domestic Terminal, 3rd Floor, Quarantine Area D, Terminal T1, Noi Bai International Airport
  • Service time: 24/7, every day of the week.

The Noi Bai business lounge for retail customers

1. Red River Lounge

There are two Red River lounges at Noi Bai airport for passengers flying domestically and internationally. This is an area where even retail customers can visit to experience the service.

Red River Lounge offers many attractive amenities, such as a quiet working space, a private smoking room, a private relaxation area with a computer, printer, and power sockets, wifi, massage chairs, a diverse menu of dishes, and clean restrooms.

Domestic flights from Red River Premium Lounge

  • Location: 3rd floor, domestic departure terminal isolation area, near gates 4 and 9.
  • Opening hours: From 4:30 to 23:00
  • Price list: 450,000 VND/adult; 225,000 VND/child

Red River International Flight Business Lounge

  • Location: 4th floor, international departure terminal isolation area, near gate 28.
  • Opening hours: From 6:30 to 2:00 the next day
  • Price list: 35 USD/adult, 17 USD/child

2. Bamboo Airways' First Lounge

Bamboo Airways' Noi Bai business lounge, with an area of 400 m2, is a relaxing place specifically serving passengers who buy business class tickets and First and Diamond members of the Bamboo Club loyalty program. In addition, any passenger who wants to experience the service here can buy tickets at a preferential price.

Bamboo Airways' business lounge will meet your basic needs, such as working, dining, relaxing, entertainment, etc., with full amenities like a 5-star hotel, including a bar, TV, digital printing books and newspapers, bathrooms, massage chairs, etc.

  • Location: 3rd Floor, Terminal T1, Noi Bai International Airport
  • Operating hours: Open 2 hours before the first flight of the day and operate continuously for subsequent flights.
  • Price list: 350,000 VND/adult, 175,000 VND/child from 2 to under 12 years old, and free for 1 child under 2 years old accompanied by an adult (from 2nd child: 175,000 VND/person).

The six Noi Bai business lounges above are places to relax and rest that passengers buying business-class tickets will experience while waiting for their flights. For any information you need advice on, please contact HoaBinh Airlines through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911; we will receive and advise 24/7.