Experience buying plane tickets to the Singapore for first-time visitors

Despite being the smallest country in Southeast Asia, Singapore boasts a robust and highly developed economy, and is a top tourist destination in the region. If you're planning a trip to Singapore and are unsure how to purchase affordable flight tickets, consider referring to the following information provided by HoaBinh Airlines.

International Airport in Singapore

Singapore is one of the renowned tourist destinations, attracting millions of international visitors each year. This country offers numerous iconic attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, Merlion Park, Chinatown and Mount Faber.

Currently, flights from Vietnam will land at Changi International Airport. Changi Airport is the main international airport in Singapore, located approximately 20 km from the city center. Built since the 1970s, Changi Airport has evolved into one of the most modern and prestigious airports in the world.

It has been consistently rated as an excellent, modern, and intelligent airport for many years, offering various amenities and services such as rest areas, restaurants, shopping outlets, botanical gardens, cinemas, children's play areas, hot tubs, fitness centers and the entertainment complex Jewel Changi featuring a large indoor waterfall and white sand pool, and even a street food district.

Changi International AirportChangi International Airport

Flights from Vietnam to Singapore

It's worth noting that Singapore grants visa-free entry to Vietnamese citizens for up to 30 days, provided they hold a passport valid for at least 6 months and possess either a return ticket or onward ticket to another country, including a valid visa if required. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you'll need to apply for a visa.

Hanoi - Singapore flights

The average flight time for the journey from Hanoi to Changi Airport is 3 hours and 10 minutes. There are up to 18 airlines operating this route, including Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, China Southern Airlines, and others. On average, there are about 29 flights per day from Hanoi to Singapore. Ticket prices for this route range from 25 to 4,005 USD. For direct flights from Hanoi to Singapore, it is recommended to book tickets with Vietnam Airlines, Tiger Airways, SilkAir or Singapore Airlines. Vietnam Airlines often offers significant discounts for this route, with prices starting from 125 USD.

Da Nang - Singapore flights

The Da Nang - Singapore route is serviced by 8 airlines, including Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, SilkAir, China Eastern Airlines, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific Airlines, and others. There are approximately 30 flights per day on this route, with ticket prices ranging from 138 to 2,830 USD.

Ho Chi Minh City - Singapore flights

The flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore takes a little over 2 hours. This route is operated by 17 airlines, including Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Jet Airways, China Southern Airlines, among others, with 34 flights per day. Ticket prices for this route range from 17 to 4,002 USD.

Vietnam Airlines offers various promotional programs for flights to SingaporeVietnam Airlines offers various promotional programs for flights to Singapore

Getting from Changi Airport to the city center

Because Singapore has a well-developed transportation system, you have various options for getting from the airport to the city center:

- Taxi: Taxis are the most convenient and fastest mode of transportation, readily available at designated taxi stands outside the passenger terminals at Changi Airport. The average fare is around 20-30 SGD (1 SGD = 0.8 USD).

- Bus: Public buses also provide a budget-friendly option to travel from Changi Airport to the city center. Bus routes such as 36, 110, and 858 serve the city center. Bus fares are approximately 2 SGD.

- MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit system is the subway system, with stations connected to the passenger terminals at Changi Airport. You can use the EZ-Link card or the Singapore Tourist Pass for travel on the MRT system. The fare for the EZ-Link card is around 2 SGD, while the tourist pass costs 10 SGD for the first day and 5 SGD for each subsequent day.

- Grab: Grab is a popular ride-hailing app in Singapore, allowing you to book a ride through the app and pay online or directly. Fares may be comparable to regular taxis.

When is the best time to visit Singapore?

Although Singapore is a year-round destination with its typical hot and humid tropical climate, the best time to visit Singapore is from December to June. Particularly, from February to April falls within Singapore's dry season, with typically the least rainfall, lowest humidity, and most sunshine.

Furthermore, if you're looking to visit the most beautiful beaches and islands in Singapore, the period from June to August will provide the best experiences.

For shopping enthusiasts, it's advisable to plan your trip to Singapore within the six-week period when the annual mega sale event, The Great Singapore Sale, is taking place, or during the Christmas-New Year period.

Tips for buying cheap airline tickets

1. Booking in advance and seeking deals

When looking to save on flight costs, booking in advance and seeking deals are crucial. Firstly, aim to book your tickets as early as possible, ideally 1-3 months before your intended departure date. This allows for more options in terms of flight times and helps you avoid sold-out flights or increased prices closer to the departure date.

Next, utilize flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights to search for the best deals from various airlines. Remember to check regularly to catch new promotions.

Additionally, don't forget to sign up for discount alerts from airlines or ticket-selling websites. Through email or mobile apps, you'll be notified immediately when new deals are available.

Lastly, consider using credit card rewards points or special offers from airlines to lower the ticket prices. Remember to check the available conditions and rewards before making your booking.

Keep in mind that seeking deals may require patience, but it can lead to significant savings for your trip.

Tips for buying cheap airline ticketsTips for buying cheap airline tickets

2. Flexible timing

When aiming to take advantage of ticket price deals, flexibility in travel timing is essential. Instead of opting for weekend travel when ticket prices tend to be higher due to increased demand, consider traveling on weekdays when there is less busy travel. This can help you save a significant amount when purchasing flight tickets.

Furthermore, if you can be flexible with your travel timing, consider traveling during off-peak tourism seasons. This not only helps you save on flight ticket costs but also helps you avoid the crowds and hustle and bustle of tourist destinations during those times.

What is the best month to visit Singapore?What is the best month to visit Singapore?

3. Consider alternative departure and destination points

Considering alternative departure and nearby destination points is a smart way to save costs when traveling. Instead of opting for major and expensive airports, you can consider nearby alternative airports or destinations close to Singapore to save money.

When chosen correctly, alternative departure and destination points can offer cheaper ticket prices and save time and transportation costs. This is particularly useful when you can utilize public transportation or airport shuttle services.

Additionally, selecting nearby alternative destinations can also open up new exploration opportunities and unique travel experiences, as smaller destinations often feature distinct natural or cultural beauty that you may not find in larger destinations.

In addition to leveraging strategies to hunt for cheap flight tickets, nothing is more important than having a reliable partner who can assist you throughout the booking process. Our company, HoaBinh Airlines, is committed to providing you with convenient and cost-effective booking experiences. Contact us via hotline (+84) 939 311 911 - (+84) 913 311 911 for detailed advice.