Enjoy the privileges of first-class air tickets with HoaBinh Airlines

If you expect your flight journey to become more comfortable and luxurious, do not hesitate to choose to experience the privileges of first-class air tickets from domestic and international airlines. What services will be included in the privileges of a first-class airline ticket is surely a question for many passengers. Let's join HoaBinh Airlines to learn about the classy and impressive privileges that the highest class of seats on the plane has right now.

1. Overview of first-class airline tickets

First-class airline tickets are the highest class of seats operated by airlines to serve customers on flights. However, passengers should note that not all flights serve this class. The first-class cabin on the plane will include a domestic first-class cabin and an international first-class cabin.

This premium class usually only applies to long-haul or transcontinental flights. Privileges of first-class airline tickets for passengers to experience: shuttle bus to the plane, private aisle on the plane, 5-star quality lounge, special meals and drinks, spacious seats, desk...

2. Privileges of domestic and international first-class air tickets

What is the difference between the privileges of domestic and international first-class airline tickets? Don't forget to refer to the following experience information to differentiate between quality and service.

Privileges of domestic first-class air tickets:

  • Chair design: comfortable recliner, spacious seat, and legroom.
  • Service:
    • On the ground: a high-quality shuttle bus to the plane; a 5-star lounge with a separate lounge area for smokers; a personal room; shopping...
    • On the plane: private entrance, work desk, 5-star standard accessories, diverse meal options, minibar, free alcohol...
  • Right:
    • Privileges of first-class airline tickets for passengers: Priority check-in counter.
    • Excess baggage is accepted.
    • Passengers are asked to prepare dishes according to their own preferences.

Privileges of international first-class air tickets:

  • Chair design: a comfortable recliner that can be adjusted into a relaxing bed.
  • Service:
    • On the ground: The privileges of international first-class airline tickets include private luxury car transfers, private boarding entrances, and 5-star lounges with full services to meet all passengers' needs for relaxation and entertainment while waiting for a flight or transiting at the station.
    • On the plane: Fully equipped with equipment. Necessary accessories: a desk; separate minibar; Premium food; a diverse menu of dishes prepared for each taste; Free premium wine.
  • Right:
    • Some airlines will provide private rooms with doors to create privacy for passengers.
    • Priority check-in counter.
    • There is a private chef, so passengers can request that he prepare dishes according to their preferences.

3. First-class airfare

The first-class cabin with many high-class services and amenities is the class with the highest price (higher than business class). First-class flight ticket prices often range up to more than 100 million VND per ticket.

Depending on the privileges of first-class air tickets from each airline, flight time, flight duration, flight itinerary, etc., the price will vary. Although first class is expensive, it comes with excellent service quality that not everyone can experience. Normally, this ticket class is only for VIP customers, wealthy people, owners of large corporations, or heads of state.

4. Airlines are offering first-class air tickets

Domestic airlines

Currently, major Vietnamese airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, and Vietjet Air all provide privileged first-class air tickets to passengers.

Among them, Bamboo Airways is the airline that has been operating this premium class since 2019. Passengers choosing Bamboo's First Class experience will be assigned a private cabin along with many extremely high entertainment services.

In addition, the privileges of first-class airline tickets also support passengers with priority check-in, private entrances, luxury lounges, private pick-up and drop-off luxury cars, and 2 free pieces of carry-on luggage with a total weight of 14 kg, and checked baggage when flying will be increased to 40kg (Bamboo's checked baggage size has a total length, width, and height not exceeding 203cm).

International airline

The privilege of international first-class air tickets from reputable airlines always attracts many passengers to choose to experience them. Luxurious services, including seats, lounges, meals, entertainment equipment, etc., will definitely make your flight journey more impressive.

Always at the top of the list of airlines providing premium first-class cabin service is Singapore Airlines. In addition, other impressive names such as Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Japan Airline, Air France, Cathay Pacific Airways, etc. are also the "familiar" choice of many passengers when they want to experience the most premium class on the plane.

Spacious and comfortable seating, a high-quality waiting room, impressive entertainment services, and many other attractive amenities are the privileges of first-class airline tickets that passengers will experience throughout the flight.

Above are shares of HoaBinh Airlines about the privileges of first-class air tickets. Hopefully, this article will help you when choosing your airline seat class. For any information that needs to be answered, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for dedicated advice.