All useful information to welcome relatives at Lien Khuong Airport

With unique architecture and professional services, Lien Khuong Airport brings visitors memorable experiences when arriving in Lam Dong province. Join HoaBinh Airlines to pocket all the basic and useful information about Lien Khuong Airport and experience picking up relatives at Lien Khuong airport right away.

Overview of Lien Khuong Airport

Lien Khuong Airport is located in Lien Nghia town, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province, and is one of the largest airports in the Central Highlands region of our country. Besides, this airport is also one of the five most efficient airports out of all airports in the country.

Lien Khuong International Airport impresses with its unique architecture, inspired by the image of yellow wildflowers, a typical symbol of Da Lat city. Looking down from above, you will see Lien Khuong station like a giant, brilliant wild sunflower.

With its prime location and unique architecture, Lien Khuong airport plays an important role in transporting passengers and goods while helping the economy, culture, society, and tourism of Lam Dong province become more and more important. develop.

This airport plays a great and important role in the development of Lam Dong province. Development of economic, cultural, political, and social aspects of Lam Dong province in particular and the Southern Central Highlands region in general. This place is called one of the largest resort paradises in our country and abroad.

Station area

The terminal area of Lien Khuong Airport has an area of 12,400 square meters. In particular, the station has two different floors, including a domestic terminal and an international departure terminal. This station was built with a capacity of up to 2 million passengers per year. Currently, the station can serve more than 800 passengers at the same time during the peak tourist season.

  • 1st floor: The lobby for domestic and international passengers. The first floor includes customer baggage check areas, technical rooms, baggage conveyors and waiting areas, restaurants, and restrooms.
  • 2nd floor: Where to check in and check baggage. In addition, the 2nd floor of the airport also has 4 waiting rooms for regular passengers, 2 rooms reserved for VIP guests, beverage counters, and restrooms.

Flights are available at Lien Khuong airport

At Lien Khuong International Airport, there are a number of airlines operating, such as Pacific Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Vietnam Airlines, with a frequency of 200–300 flights per week. Most of these airlines operate flights to and from Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh, etc. regularly.

How far is it to pick up relatives at Lien Khuong Airport to tourist destinations?

Lien Khuong Airport is about 30km south of the center of Da Lat city. To move from the airport to Lam Dong tourist destinations, you can choose to take a taxi, shuttle bus, private car, or pre-booked car to pick up relatives at Lien Khuong airport.

Distance from Lien Khuong Airport in Da Lat to some tourist destinations in Da Lat and travel time to those destinations, such as:

  • Lien Khuong Airport to Datanla waterfall: 32km (40 minutes)
  • Airport to Da Lat market: 34km (45 minutes)
  • Airport to Bao Loc city: 83km (1 hour and 40 minutes)
  • Airport to Sculpture tunnel: 40km (55 minutes)
  • Airport to Con Ga Church: 34km (45 minutes)
  • Airport to Tuyen Lam Lake: 33km (42 minutes)

It is convenient when dropping off or picking up relatives at the airport

While waiting for your loved ones, you can easily access free airport wifi at any location. While waiting for your relatives and friends who are in need of shopping for specialty items, souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, etc., go to the commercial area in the airport, where there are good stores with reasonable prices. Prices are clearly listed. The airport provides free drinking water, medical services, ATMs, currency exchange services,...

Experience when picking up relatives at Lien Khuong Airport

1. Know your landing time and schedule a pick-up location in advance

You need to ask the person you need to pick up which flight and landing time to adjust the travel time to pick up your relatives at Lien Khuong airport accordingly, avoiding the case of you or your relatives waiting too long.

If the distance to the airport is long, you should proactively leave early to avoid traffic jams leading to late pick-up. When you know the landing time of your loved one's plane, you need to contact them about their location so they can proactively come to you.

2. Choose a means of transportation to pick up and drop off relatives at Lien Khuong Airport

Many tourists often choose a car to pick up or pick up their relatives to move from Lien Khuong airport to the desired tourist attractions and locations in Da Lat.

With the dedication, care, and professionalism of the driver, they will take you to the place you booked in advance. Because the drivers are local people, they know the places in the province, so you can rest assured that you will experience it. Lam Dong tours, without worrying about getting lost or spending too much time traveling on your own, will definitely bring passengers on exciting trips.

You can choose pre-booked cars, shuttle buses, or airport taxis for convenient transportation. There is one point you need to note: before booking a car, you need to negotiate the price between the two parties. Booking a car will help you save time, be proactive in transporting yourself, and give you more time to explore places in Lam Dong.

Above is the basic information about Lien Khuong Airport and the method of transporting relatives from the airport that HoaBinh Airlines shares with you. Hopefully, these shares will help you make your moving process easier. If you have any questions, please contact us through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 advice and support. We wish you an interesting sightseeing and traveling trip!