8 Tips For Your Transit Flight Updated by HoaBinh Airlines

When taking international flights, you certainly cannot avoid connecting flights, meaning a temporary stop in a third country before reaching the final destination. Surely, many of you will be very confused the first time you fly a transit flight. Let's learn a little about this type of flight with HoaBinh Airlines and what to remember during the journey!

What is a transit flight?

A layover is when you operate a flight that has at least one intermediate stop (also known as a third country) before arriving at the flight's final destination. During this process, you may need to change planes or even change airports. The goal of flying in transit may be to connect between two locations that don't have direct flights or to take advantage of cheaper fares.

Connecting flights are often encountered on long-haul international flights.Connecting flights are often encountered on long-haul international flights

Notes you need to keep in mind when you are in transit

Carefully check the information about the flight itinerary

You need to check information about your flight itinerary, such as flight name, flight date and time, etc. You must continuously update flight information on information pages and information boards at the airport so that you can arrange your travel schedule accordingly, avoiding being passive in situations that arise, such as flights. Delayed flight, change of departure time to earlier or later, change of airport departure gate, etc.

Adjust the clock to local time

One of the important things you need to do as soon as you arrive at the transit airport is check the local time at the location where you are transiting. It will help you avoid being late for your flight and affecting your plans.

You need to keep track of the time according to local time to avoid missing your flight.

Prepare a map at the transit location to be proactive in moving, avoiding affecting flight times

When transiting in an unfamiliar location, you cannot avoid getting lost while traveling, which causes inconvenience and affects the time to get to the flight gate. Therefore, bring a map with a locator, if available, to easily navigate to the location you need to go to. In addition, you need to observe and follow the signs at the airport to get to the right destination as quickly as possible.

Reach out to airport staff when you need help

When you encounter any difficulties with your flight, go to the nearest airport staff for the fastest help.

Please ask for help from staff if necessary

Bring light carry-on luggage

Limiting the number of items in your hand luggage helps you move easily and conveniently when you have to carry them around the airport and to the gate to wait for the next flight. Furthermore, while waiting at the transit airport, you need to make sure your luggage is not lost. Therefore, you only need to bring necessary and sufficient items in your hand luggage.

Beware of thieves when transiting at the airport

You must be wary of strangers at the airport, which is a crowded and unfamiliar place. Don't get too close to strangers or hold other people's things at the airport. You must pay attention and carefully preserve your personal belongings and valuables when in crowded places.

Bring snacks, medications, and other personal items

Connecting flights is a very long journey and takes a lot of effort. You should bring personal items such as medicine, medical supplies, snacks, and water to maintain energy during the waiting period. Bringing ready-made food from home also helps you save a lot of money by not using airport services because they are too expensive.

Avoid downtime while waiting

Perhaps you never want to wait in the airport for hours with nothing to do. To avoid downtime, you can bring a few items for entertainment and relaxation, such as a book or a laptop, to take advantage of work and do everything you love. Airports often have free Internet 24/24. Some airlines also provide free city tour services for passengers transiting at that city's airport. In addition, you can also shop at duty-free stores.

You can visit and shop at duty-free shopsYou can visit and shop at duty-free shops

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